Acne Control

Tired of using oral and topical antibiotics, skin creams and other remedies for acne control? Finding the right treatment for acne can be tiring and emotionally draining…not to mention being expensive.

Acne control with the Isolaz® can provide impressive results. This procedure has been featured on The Doctors and uses a specific form of light to help treat mild to moderate acne while helping prevent future breakouts so that you can enjoy healthy, clear skin.  Multiple sessions (typically, 3-6 sessions) may be required for optimal results. Isolaz®can treat all skin types and typically does not have associated downtime.

Median retail price per session: Full face – $350
Typical downtime: none

Customers are advised to stop any active skin products at least 48 hours prior to their treatment session. Customers are also advised to refrain from the use of Accutane for 12 months prior to any laser acne control treatments.

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