Addiction Therapy - Breaking Free

Life is the greatest gift you’ll ever get. So don’t waste it away.

This is easier said than done. Our choices can have a great impact on the quality of our life. One wrong decision can change the course of our life. And that’s the same with addiction. Most people consider addiction as a behavioral problem when in fact it is a disease.

Yes! It is a chronic relapsing brain disease, which forces people for compulsive or obsessive behavior. Our society doesn’t always treat it as a disease because addiction doesn’t display all the characteristics of a disease.

Addiction doesn’t spread because of a virus and neither is it contagious. It just happens and even the best of us can’t figure out the moment that triggered the addition. The only thing that makes addiction similar to a disease is the inaction that follows. Most of people have the habit of ignoring the symptoms of disease and the same thing happens with addiction. All the early symptoms are ignored until it’s too late to turn back.

There are different types of addiction and they can affect the quality of life. These addictions can easily affect your ability to make sound decision but that’s not all. They can also impose adverse affect on your daily activities.

The types of addiction vary and can include a number of things. The one on the top of the list is substance abuse that eventually leads to addiction. Here are a few types of addictions that can harm you emotionally, mentally, or physically.

Types of Addiction

Substance Abuse

All the addictions that involve drug use are categorized as substance abuse and substance dependency. Addiction also points to the harmful use of a substance that causes physical and psychological changes. You can notice a significant change in the behavior of addicts.

Drug addiction and alcohol addiction comes under the heading of substance abuse. The addicts feel a compulsion to use the substance and after awhile acquire the inability to stop the use.

Impulse Control Disorders

All the addictions that don’t include substance abuse are categorized as behavioral addictions. They are also called impulse control disorder. This addiction is easy to acquire as the person doesn’t even realize that the pleasure they feel is because they’re satisfying their addiction. People become dependent on the pleasurable feelings that some activities can entice. A person who starts gambling just for the pleasure of it can quickly become hooked; one may never even realize that it has become an addiction.

Such is the case with behavioral addictions. The high that a certain activity makes a person feel is addicting. The person engages in the activity just to feel that elation again. Even when they experience negative consequences, the activity is hard to give up. Even when it starts to have an adverse impact on their professional and personal life, the person finds it hard to break the cycle and give up their habit.

Exercise, gambling, internet usage, eating, sex, and shopping addictions are categorized as impulse control disorders.

Addiction Therapies

The only relief is that there are therapies available that can help you get over your addiction. People who suffer from these compulsive behaviors can have difficulty maintaining a balance in their life. Going against their instincts and giving up the life that they’ve grown accustomed to is one of the most difficult things that you can do in life. And that’s why they need all the help they can get.

They need to go through a detoxing process, which can help them regain some control over their life. If they start the therapy soon, they can be rehabilitated. The therapy session helps them cope with the new changes in their life.

Giving up on addictions isn’t easy and by providing recovering addicts with the right resources, it’s possible to make their journey easier.

With ZendyHealth, you can get the help you or your loved ones need. But therapy is just the first phase.

Addiction Medicine

Once the addicts are comfortable with the therapy sessions and are able to wrap their heads around the idea, the specialist moves them to the next step. Now it’s time for the addiction medicine specialist to work on the recovering addicts and help them get rehabilitated.

Addiction medicine plays an important role in rehabilitation because withdrawal symptoms are a likely chance. It’s not easy to give up a habit and especially one that you’ve been addicted to. After the activity stops, recovering addicts are bound to experience some withdrawal symptoms. These can be either behavioral or physical and might require urgent medical attention. The addiction medicine specialist is required to safely detox the recovering addict.

With proper counseling and appropriate medicine, the recovering addicts can get quality addiction treatment that actually works. After a while they can gradually return to the normal activities of a rehabilitated individual. By learning to manage cravings and maintain sobriety, addicts can reverse the process and once again return to the life they had.

Addiction can get worse with time and that calls for immediate action. It’s important to seek medical help as soon as you or your loved one is diagnosed with the problem. Addiction treatment is the best option that helps you lead a normal functioning life again.

Let ZendyHealth guide you to the path of recovery. ZendyHealth helps you to access certified Addiction Medicine specialists as well as Primary Care specialists.


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