Asian Eyelid Surgery





Cosmetic surgery trends are constantly evolving, occasionally transcending location and even culture. One such trend has seen a boom among the worldwide Asian community is blepharoplasty, or “Asian Eyelid Surgery.” The process involves reshaping the skin around the eye with incisions and sutures, creating a defined crease on the upper lid.

When the procedure first made headlines, many believed that patients were undergoing Asian Eyelid Surgery to look “more Americanized.” In fact, it was once referred to as the “westernization of the eyelid.” However, as the process grew in popularity over the years, the motivations of patients has proven to be far more than just “looking like Americans.”

The vast majority of patients who choose to get Asian Eyelid Surgery aren’t looking to fit a westernized ideal. Rather, they are looking to achieve more open, alert looking eyes with subtle creases that have always been as appealing in Asian culture as it is for Westerners.

How the Process Works

The process itself typically takes 1-3 hours to complete, and results can be achieved through 3 different techniques, depending on the patient’s needs. The first technique involves making a full incision across the upper eyelid. The incision usually heals well, and is minimally noticeable when fully healed. The second method involves passing sutures through the eyelid, without making an incision. This method has the advantages of immediate recovery, with no visible scarring. The third technique involves making several small incisions along the eyelid. A board-certified surgeon found through ZendyHealth can help you to pick the technique that is best for you, your eyes, and your look.

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