Bonding Over Botox: Mother/Daughter Cosmetic Treatments

Mother/Daughter bonding has always been a beautiful thing, and lately we’ve seen an increase in mothers and daughters bonding over beauty. Since 2005, there has been a steady increase in mothers and daughters opting to undergo cosmetic treatments together.

One of the key elements of cosmetic surgery is having a strong support system. Even noninvasive treatments can be a source of anxiety for some patients, so having people close to you support your choices is important. What many patients find is that undergoing treatments with a partner can alleviate anxiety and bolster their confidence. And for many women, there’s no better person to have in their corner than mom.

So it’s not surprising that when patients choose to undergo cosmetic treatments, they often turn to a parent or child as their partner. NBC News even took note of the trend, and interviewed a daughter who has undergone treatments with her mother.

“I was nervous to tell my mom about it,” says Kim Doran, a 31-year-old travel writer from Chicago who had rhinoplasty on her “family nose” five months ago. “I thought she’d think I was being shallow, but she kept taking pictures and saying, ‘Wow, you look so good.’ Then she decided she wanted to do it, too.”

This trend is especially popular prior to weddings, where everyone involved is concerned about looking their best. Before the big day, it’s becoming more and more common to see mothers and daughters preparing for the ceremony by getting Botox or skin maintenance. Many of the mother/daughter duos have remarked that in addition to feeling better about their appearance, the shared experience brought them closer together.

If you and a parent are interested in exploring your options with cosmetic treatments, can help.  Our Medical Advisory Team recommends that daughters be of adult age – in general, Botox and other cosmetic procedures are advised only if they are actually indicated or needed.  The majority of patients who begin Botox and filler treatments generally tend to be above the age of 30 although many cosmetic providers are seeing patients in their mid- to late 20’s starting to undergo minor, noninvasive cosmetic treatments.  In general, we do not advise or recommend cosmetic treatments in minors although special circumstances (such as trauma) may require some cosmetic or reconstructive treatments.

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