Getting Down to the Bones of Osteoporosis


Like every other disease, osteoporosis should be taken seriously. It is a disease of the bones that affects nearly 54 million Americans.  It makes bones brittle, weak and susceptible to breaking.

Studies show that nearly one in two women over the age of fifty have osteoporosis. It affects a quarter of men over fifty. The structure of the bones become abnormal due to the fact that Osteoporosis eats away at the bone density. It can be a very costly disease due to the amount a break or fracture of your bones will cost.

Finding out if you have or at risk of osteoporosis is easy. By undergoing a DEXA Scan, you could learn the density level of your bones. DEXA Scans generally scan the hips and spine to analyze the thickness of a patients bones. If you are approaching age fifty, or experience regular breakage or fractures of your bones, a DEXA Scan might be right for you.

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