Botox as a Cure for Severe Migraines

Botox Migraines
Everyone knows that Botox is great for removing fine lines and wrinkles, but the past few years have seen Botox take on another miracle application: treating severe migraines.

For patients who suffer from chronic severe migraines, the pain is unbearable. They can occur at any time, and last for hours and even days. In some of the most serious cases, patients need to be hospitalized for several weeks. Severe migraines can dramatically affect a person’s quality of life.

Studies published in early 2010 reported that Botox could be used as a treatment for severe migraines, and that patients who had been treated experienced a major decrease in the number of days they received migraines. The FDA approved Botox as a treatment method for severe migraines later that year, and has been helping migraine sufferers ever since.

How Does it Work?

Similar to its cosmetic application, Botox is injected into different parts of the patient’s body, including the back of the neck, temple, forehead, and shoulders. The drug is delivered into the patient with a small needle, similar to receiving an allergy shot.

Patients typically receive around 30 injections on a quarterly basis. Patients who have undergone the procedure have largely reported positive results, stating that Botox has not only reduced the frequency of their migraines, but also the severity.

While some patients report improvement within a few weeks of the initial treatment, it’s not uncommon for many to begin seeing best results around the 6 month mark.

Is Botox Right for Me?

As a treatment for migraines, Botox is typically used to treat patients whose migraines are frequent and especially severe. Since most insurance companies won’t cover the cost of Botox for treating migraines until at least 3 preventative medications were prescribed, it is still seen as a “last resort treatment.” In cases where other preventative medications like Nortriptyline, Topiramate, and Depakote are ineffective, and if the migraine is considered severe enough, Botox may be the answer.

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