Can Chiropractic Care Reduce Stress?

In the busy and fast-paced world of today, stress is the reality of modern living. Whether it’s a student in high school, or an executive in the corporate world, everyone has too much on their mind. As competition for being the best increases, so does the anxiety levels. This stress can range from moderate to a high level of gut-wrenching dread. Considering all that’s at stake, stress is just a normal reaction.

Media also has a big role to play here. With worldwide coverage of most tragedies happening around the world, the media can easily be the cause of the ever increasing level of stress.

Stress – The Normality of our Daily Life

Stress may be a normal part of our lives now but the physical and psychological symptoms caused by stress can quickly make your life less-normal. According to statistics, more than 77% of population consists of people who regularly experience the physical symptoms of stress. 73% percent are those who have to deal with the psychological effects of this silent killer. With such high numbers, it’s no surprise that an annual cost of $300 billion is rendered by employers in stress related health care expenses and missed work.

Of all the things stress is capable of, the biggest issue is how the body reacts to stress. Each of us has different reactions to stress and these reactions impact the way our body functions. When under stress, the body automatically switches on the fight or flight mode. The adrenaline rush helps us get done with many things and for a while it may look like being stressed is a good thing. Far from it!

The problem we all encounter at times is that we get overstressed. While stress does have its benefits, experiencing the same emotions for a long period of time is damaging for the body, both emotionally and physically. Luckily for us though, chiropractic care has the ultimate solution.

For years, numerous studies and researches have been conducted and all just to find the effects of chiropractic care on stress levels. But why chiropractic care? How can a practice that focuses on the spine help with stress?

Is Chiropractic Care a Potential Solution?

Chiropractic care deals with your spine, which is the root of the nervous system. One of the many effects of stress is the tension and contraction it can cause on muscles. This further leads to an uneven pressure on the skeleton. With the whole skeletal system stressed out, it’s no surprise that the body and mind feel the effects too.

There are ways in which chiropractic care eliminates this stress and ultimately relieves the body of the negative effects.

Reduces Muscle Tension

The strain caused on the muscles due to stress eventually takes its toll on the skeletal system. It can affect your daily life, as you start to encounter problems when sitting or walking. Keep ignoring the strain for some time and you’ll end up losing sleep and experiencing pain all over the body. And that’s where chiropractic care comes in. By aligning and adjusting the body, the tension in muscles is released.

Improves Circulation

Ever felt wound up? Lost sleep over nothing or suffered from gastrointentinal problems? All these can be symptoms of stress and if you tend to ignore them, bigger problems would be around the corner.

The muscle tension can also be relieved by improved circulation. By improving circulation, the treatment effectively and surely releases the tension in the muscles. Once the strain is gone, the nervous system can relax again and go back to functioning the way it did before. Remember the fight or flight response that stress can induce? Improved circulation ensures that this response shuts down and your body calms down.

Restores Spine Curvature

Over time, stress, along with the unhealthy lifestyle it can cause, affects the curvature of the spine. Since it is the lifeline of your body and looks after even the simplest functions such as swallowing and walking, you start experiencing difficulty completing simple tasks. A professional chiropractor has the ability to align and adjust your spine to restore function. Once that is done, the spine goes back to its natural curve providing relief to the whole body. You find yourself less stressed and completely able to once again function properly.

How Often Should I Pursue the Treatment?

Most people, after experiencing the effects of chiropractic care on their health first hand, make it a habit to go for regular sessions. Although you can start feeling the impact of treatment from your first visit, the care won’t work unless the practice is consistent. Going for an appointment every two weeks is recommended, although it’s advised that you ask your primary health provider. Even going once a month will allow you to reap the benefits of this relaxing and stress-relieving treatment.

Holistic Care Approach

The main purpose of chiropractic care isn’t to just help the body heal. The treatment also strives to provide mental relief. The practice is a holistic care approach and focuses on whole body wellness. During evaluation, most chiropractors suggest their clients to go for the whole package and make necessary changes to their lifestyle and diet. Only by incorporating these changes at the same time would your body be able to break away from the clutches of stress and go back to being its healthy self.

Since we can generate stress from poor sleeping habits and nutritional deprivation, it’s important that you try and decrease your stress levels. Regular visits to a professionally trained chiropractor can help release stored tension in the body and relieve the symptoms of stress.

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