Can I DIY Chiropractic?

Whether you can make your back and neck “crack” to relieve pain or your friends offer to step on your back, DIY Chiropractic is not as effective as seeing a chiropractor. Just because you can make your body “crack” or “pop” does not mean you are helping it. In fact, the reason you can do those things to your body means that something is not right. While you may not be damaging your body, you are not helping it either.

Self-Cracking for DIY Chiropractic

“Self-cracking” is a form of DIY Chiropractic, probably the most common. People tend to instinctively stretch to crack their body to relieve a stiffness or discomfort. While this may provide a temporary relief, that’s all that is. Compare self-cracking your body to taking a pain medication: it won’t heal it, but it will relieve the pain.

Gravity effects the bodies posture, whether from fatigue or poor posture. When you use DIY chiropractic and try to reposition your body by cracking it, you can cause an imbalance in your spine which leads to more pain and stiffness.

Why we self-crack is sometimes an instinct. When there is pain, your body warns you and you instinctively react to relieve the pain. “Cracking” relieves the nerve fibers to essentially “turn off” any pain warning system.

Why is Self-Cracking Not Recommended?

The reason you have pain or stiffness in your back is due to overuse of the spine through sitting, standing, posture, or injuries. This causes a pressure against different portions of the spine. When you self-crack, you are forcing an increase in mobility that could lead to hypermobility which means you overexert the spine. Your body could lose its basic mobility because of this chronic overuse or if you cause an injury.

Another problem with self-cracking is that you are potentially loosening already loose joints that are attempting to compensate for the stiff ones. These joints will become looser as you “self-adjust” and can cause the health of the stuck segments of your spine to continue declining. Not only can this cause injury and many other symptoms, but also degenerative arthritis.

DIY Chiropractic with Friends and Family

Sometimes your friends or family members may suggest stepping on your back or squeezing your body together to force it to crack. Similar to self-cracking, it may relieve the pain temporarily because of the cracking and popping satisfaction, but you’re not helping the problem.

In fact, you could be causing even more problems. Having your friends attempt to perform DIY chiropractic moves could be more dangerous than cracking it yourself.

Why is DIY Chiropractic with Friends or Family Not Recommended?

To start off, unless your friends or family are trained, professional chiropractors, they should not attempt chiropractic maneuvers. Without the proper training or medical classes, your friend or family member could seriously injure you. They could not only dislocate a disk or shift a disk, but they could break your spine and potentially paralyze you. In the worst-case scenario, they could break your neck and kill you.

Why is Chiropractic Different?

Chiropractors are trained and certified in movement and function, constantly looking for ways to improve the movement of your body. They have gone through training and school in order to perform chiropractic adjustments on you, and they know what movements to make to prevent any injury to your body.

They typically perform a thorough evaluation and through their findings, they determine where and when to apply chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic adjustments are gentle movements that help move spinal joints that may be restricted. This relieves the problem completely instead of just temporarily “turning off” the pain.

Chiropractors through ZendyHealth

If you’ve been hesitant about a chiropractor because of the prices or because of the stigma that you can’t trust them, you don’t have to worry anymore. Your health is important including your body. It keeps you going throughout the day and how you treat it now determines what type of health problems could arise in the future.

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