Scientists Explore Treating Cancer with Botox

Botox: Removes Wrinkles, Fights Cancer?

The scientific community is buzzing about the potential treating of cancer with Botox treatments. Studies have found that when nerve cells are cut off, tumor cells are unable to feed and stop progressing. Previous studies have tested this theory by surgically cutting into the stomach nerves, causing side effects such as nausea and vomiting.

However, Botox treatments may provide similar results in slowing cancer cell progression, without the need for surgical procedures or unwanted side effects.

The study was first suggested in the current issue of Science Translation Medicine, in which researchers demonstrated the use of Botox to temporarily block nerves. According to Timothy Wang, the paper’s co-author and chief of the Division of Digestion and Liver Diseases at Columbia University, while the nerves are blocked, cancer cell progression is halted, making them more susceptible to treatments like chemotherapy.

Botox Treatments for Cancer


Botox Treats More than Just Wrinkles

This is not the first time Botox has been utilized as a medical treatment. In addition to smoothing wrinkles and reducing the signs of aging, it has also been successful in treating migraines, muscle spasms, and excessive sweating.

While cutting into patients and severing nerves can create unpleasant side effects, Wang stated that he is not concerned about negative effects in the use of Botox to achieve the same results.

Trial of the Botox treatment is underway in Norway, while researchers at Columbia University are testing the effects of Botox in patients suffering from pancreatic cancer.


The #1 Cosmetic Procedure Continues to Gain Popularity

The prospect of Botox being used as a way to fight cancer has sparked a wave of discussion about the already popular procedure. For years, countless people have praised Botox for its “fountain of youth” cosmetic uses, making it the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure in the world. Its potential use in the fight against cancer will surely only further popularize Botox treatments in the beauty industry.

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