Cellulite Reduction Without Surgery

Do you always wear a sarong at the beach to hide your cellulite? Feel uncomfortable showing certain parts of your body that play host to those devilish dimples? Get your confidence back with non-surgical skin tightening treatments from providers on ZendyHealth.

You can effectively firm and smooth your skin while reducing cellulite with the help of several different devices available at a clinic in your area. Skin tightening devices use radio-frequency technologies, near infrared light, or a combination of light-based and radio-frequency technologies, some of the most popular brands being VelaShape®, Accent®, Exilis®, Viora®, Venus Freeze®, SkinTyte®, and Titan®.

“Little or no recovery time, minimal risk of infection or scarring, and very natural-looking results top the list of reasons why a non-invasive approach to skin tightening and rejuvenation are in such high demand,” says dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi, MD.

With age, collagen breaks down, making cellulite more visible as the skin becomes thinner and less able to mask the dimples created by fat and connective tissue just below its surface. VelaShape®, one of the available techniques, stimulates collagen production and helps metabolize the fatty deposits that cause dimpling. Anne Chapas, MD, of NYU’s School of Medicine, reports that four to six weekly sessions can improve the appearance of cellulite for six months.

Providers recommend multiple skin tightening sessions for optimal effect, with results typically lasting three to six months or longer, though your own results may vary. Don’t hesitate to make an offer to a Board Certified Provider near you and get started with your treatments in time for bathing suit season. The median retail price per session is about $450.

Stop hiding behind layers. Stroll beside the pool and strut along the beach without worrying about your body. For more services and information, visit ZendyHealth.


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