Common Misconceptions About Laser Hair Removal

“The hair grows right back after treatment”

Lasers can reduce hair follicle counts from 40-80 percent, and after initial treatments, hair will either not grow back at all or grow back significantly thinner. That’s why touch-ups are often recommended to target the very few hairs that may have remained. It is, however, important to complete the number of sessions in the time frame that your provider recommends (typically, 6-8 sessions depending upon the hair quality / type, skin type, and location).

“Laser hair removal isn’t safe”

A laser system is safe if approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Although some clinics may use cheap lasers that are not FDA-approved, ZendyHealth providers are required to use FDA-approved products and treatments.

“Laser hair removal has the same effect on everyone”

Before having laser hair removal, it’s important to find a provider who understands your individual needs. Results actually do vary depending on your skin type and hair color. Those with brown or black hair are more likely to experience the best results, because the lasers target hair follicles by first detecting pigmentation. For example, white and gray hair cannot be removed with laser treatment, and red hair is considerably more difficult to remove. It’s also why individuals with light skin and thick, dark hair experience the most favorable amount of hair removal- because there’s a clear contrast between skin and hair follicle pigmentation.

“One treatment will be sufficient for desired hair removal results”

The general recommendation for those who choose laser hair removal is to receive one treatment every 4-6 weeks, for a total of 6-8 treatments. If your skin tone is darker, you may need several more treatments.

“Laser hair removal is just for women”

This is quite possibly the most common myth about the process- laser hair removal is a treatment that can benefit both men and women! Many men receive laser treatment to get rid of excessive hair on their back or neck, or abdomen, although you can choose to focus on a small area such as the upper lip or chin (or even the private parts). ZendyHealth works with providers that offer laser hair removal on small to extra-large areas, and can help you save between 20-80% without having to wait for for your treatment on undesirable days / times that you might find on daily deal sites and coupon sites.


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