CONTEST! Win $200 in Skincare by SkinHealix & Obagi!!

We’re excited to announce the first ever ZendyHealth skin care product contest. Helping you look good at your price is our goal, and let’s face it, free is always a good price!

Here’s a quick overview of the products included in the Skin Care Product prize package:

 SkinHealix Acne Control Soothing Cleanser

A proprietary answer to the challenges of acne. SkinHealix’s Cutisal-2 Acne Care Soothing Cleanser

— a one step formulation that does everything you’d expect, with no irritation.

 SkinHealix SPF 30 Sunscreen

A well-rounded, soothing anti-inflammatory base to deliver Solagen S2 in a SPF 30 sunscreen. Aloe vera  gel is the largest ingredient by weight, with an added splash of chamomile, cucumber and added aloe vera  extracts to supplement the base’s soothing attributes. Safflower and jojoba oil are the core humectants,  with vitamins E and A positioned in the middle of the index to protect the skin against free radical damage

Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream

Unlike any other anti wrinkle eye cream on the market, Obagi eye cream works to restore the elasticity in your skin. With a proprietary blend of ingredients, Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Treatment cream is clinically proven to build collagen and replenish elasticity around your eyes in as little as 2 weeks.

Good stuff, right? So what are you waiting for? Enter the contest today before time runs out!



  • MRI
    MRI Scan
    Diagnostic imaging available via Pick Your Price or Buy Now
  • Mammogram
    Screening and diagnostic imaging available at your own price
  • Lasik
    Pick Your Price on LASIK corrective surgery for Both Eyes