Cosmetic Procedures Increasing Among Men

Men have shied away from cosmetic treatments in the past because of the significant stigma associated with it. Once cosmetic treatments became popular, general society created an atmosphere where it was only acceptable for women to seek aesthetic improvement or enhancements.Dressed Nice OriginalHowever, that nonsensical stigma is dwindling every year; leading 2016 to have the largest exponential increase thus far in cosmetic procedures performed on men. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery says “more men are turning to aesthetic cosmetic procedures, with dramatic increases seen in both surgical and nonsurgical options over the past five years and a 43 % increase overall.” It is difficult to name one reason this trend is changing as it appears there are numerous causes for the cultural shift. It has become more acceptable for men to care about how they look. In addition, their appearance has a greater affect than it used to on their success in the workforce.

There is a wide array of common procedures for men which tend to vary based on the age of the patient. For instance, men under 40 commonly seek chest liposuction to reduce the appearance of “man breasts or man boobs”, liposuction of the waistline, rhinoplasty, and ear tucks (for prominent ears).  On the other hand, older men most commonly have eyelid lift surgery, Botox for forehead wrinkles, and fillers for both smile lines or to restore the appearance of a prominent jawline. Additionally, men of all ages are seeking laser hair removal, most commonly for their chests and backs. Here are descriptions of some of the top cosmetic procedures men choose to undergo:


  • Blepharoplasty


As men get older their upper eyelids can begin drooping significantly while their lower lids become puffy. This causes them to not only look older than they are, but tired and haggard all the time. As you grow older, the eyelid skin begins to stretch over time and the muscles underneath the eyes that support the lids begin to weaken leading excessive fat to build up which causes the look of puffiness. The blepharoplasty procedure removes excess skin and fat from around the eyes by making a small incision along the crease under the lashes (or above the lashes in the case of upper lid blepharoplasty) so scarring is minimal and hidden. Even though this is a surgical procedure, blepharoplasty has an relatively quick recovery time.


  • Liposuction


When men get older, fat deposits can build up around specific areas of the body; especially in the abdomen. This can cause you to lose that “swimmer’s physique” that men strive for, even if you are in excellent shape. No amount of targeted exercise can make those fat deposits disappear since they are not caused by lack of activity or diet but simply age. Liposuction of the abdomen is a popular procedures amongst men as a contouring tool to break up and remove the fat from relevant areas. Liposuction is a great solution when combined with a healthy diet and exercise since it is not meant to be used as a weight loss tool but rather a contouring and shaping tool.


  • Gynecomastia Correction


If a man’s hormones are imbalanced in some way or he was/is overweight, his condition could result in enlarged or over-developed breasts. This condition, called gynecomastia, could result in confidence and self-esteem issues among men. The correction surgery aims to remove excess glandular tissue and liposuction to improve the contour of the chest.   


  • Botox

Just like women do, men get wrinkles. No one is exempt from this biological aging process. Yet everyone wants to age gracefully and Botox injections can help you do so. The injections allows muscles to relax and minimize the contractions that cause the wrinkles. Botox works incredibly well on forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet around the eyes, and frown lines. This procedure is quick, simple, and minimally invasive; it’s also the most popular cosmetic procedure.

As men walk into their offices, many providers in the industry are discovering that men, just like women, are searching for ways to age gracefully and stay ahead in the workforce. The damaging effects of aging can make anyone feel self-conscious especially when men are forced to compete with the younger generations now entering the job market. More men are filing into cosmetic centers around the world and it’s safe to say this trend will only be increasing in the coming years.

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