Dental Insurance Takes a Bite Out of your Wallet

Dental InsuranceAre you currently insured under a dental insurance plan? Paying a monthly dental insurance premium could be a waste of your hard earned-money, taking a bite out of your annual finances. There are potentially more financially wiser options for those of you looking for quality dental care.

There are three different types of dental insurance. These are HMOs, PPOs, and indemnity plans. An HMO plan restricts a patient to use a dental care professional that is within network. The more popular PPO policy, under which 70% of people with dental insurance are covered, allow patients to see dental professionals outside of network, but give discounts on care to those within their “preferred” network. The third, an indemnity plan, which allows a patient to see any dentist and typically picks up a percentage of the cost.

The problem with these plans is that they often cap annualD coverage at $1,500.00 –and only providing you with two annual teeth cleanings, an x-ray, and fluoride treatment. Hardly any of them will provide any sort of cosmetic procedures on your teeth especially if you’re looking to straighten or brighten your smile. You are left to foot the bill yourself. Even worse, many of these plans won’t cover common procedures like fillings for the first six months of the policy. Some may not even offer coverage for other procedures up to 18 months!

There is a better option for your dental care needs. It could end up saving you more in the long run.

ZendyHealth Saves Patients More on Dental Care

If your dental coverage is light or if you don’t have dental coverage, you can still have access to affordable, quality, and needed dental care without spending a fortune. How you might ask? By simply using ZendyHealth.

At ZendyHealth, we offer you access to a network of pre-screened top certified dental care providers at affordable rates. Using a provider in our platform could save you as much as 80% on many dental procedures — even cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, Invisalign®, and dental implants.

Still unsure about using ZendyHealth over a traditional dental plan? Here are some of our customers have appreciated and experienced:

  • Savings without insurance
  • Savings with top Providers
  • High quality care

Visit us to get started at ZendyHealth or call us at 1-855-MY-ZENDY if you have any questions.


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