Dermal Fillers: Benefits and Risks Involved

Dermal fillers are rapidly gaining popularity as a non-surgical treatment option for facial skin and cosmetic procedure.

 The quick, painless and natural-looking results have made it immensely admirable among the people who are looking to perk up their skin and rejuvenate the face that has begun to demonstrate signs of aging.

Dermal fillers are sufficiently able to address the sunken areas, fine lines, and wrinkles on the face that may start appearing as early as in the 30s.  . Moreover, they are also a quick treatment to augment thin lips and folds and help you revitalize your facial appearance.

Dermal fillers rarely require downtime or recovery which makes it all more feasible of an option to embrace. You are able to return to your routine activities right away. Also, dermal fillers are quick to showcase results. As soon as the dermal filler product is injected into the skin, the change is immediate and you will be able to see the transformation.   Almost instant gratification is rare to find – but dermal fillers come very close.

Benefits of Dermal Fillers

There are several benefits of dermal fillers which make it a preferred option for a liquid facelift and facial treatment – especially for people with busy lives and on-the-go.

1.   No Downtime

With essentially no time required for recovery and about 30 minutes to get the procedure done, dermal fillers are a convenient option.   Note that some patients have 4-6 syringes of dermal fillers in one sitting – the more treatment required, obviously the more time it will take to perform the procedure.

After the skin treatment, the patient is free to leave and can return to routine tasks right away. This is a major benefit of dermal fillers, especially in the fast-paced working world of today.

2.   Restoring Skin Structure

The skin tends to lose its firmness as your body, after the age of 30, starts to produce fewer fibers like elastin and collagen. Both these fibers are essential in maintaining tightness in the skin.

Dermal fillers can help you restore some of the structure of your skin and replace the fibers. This assists the skin in recouping the firmness and collagen structure that is characteristic of youthful skin.

3.   Restoring Definition and Volume

Dermal fillers can  provide your face skin some balance and definition by volumizing areas that have lost volume over time.. Volumizing the cheek, lip, and smile line areas are the most common areas treated.

4.   Lessening Wrinkles and Lines

With aging, your face is likely to showcase wrinkles and lines around your mouth and area between your eyebrows. These age lines are major indicators of aging. Some dermal fillers are fine enough to fill superficial wrinkles – although most can nicely fill deeper folds.

5.   Less Expensive Procedure

There are numerous surgical options that can help you rejuvenate your face and remove any hints of aging and loosening of skin.  While surgery might be the best option for longevity in many cases, the costs can be out of budget for many.

Your budget plays an imperative role in deciding which cosmetic procedure for skin treatment you want to implement.  Most often, a complete treatment for the full face surgically can be over $10,000 while a full facial treatment with fillers can be less than $3500.

What are the Risks Involved?

While dermal fillers are remarkably safe, there are risks that one must bear in mind


1)   Short-Term Side Effects

The potential side effects are very minimal. You may face redness or slight swelling around the injected site. This will disappear within a few days. Make-up can conceal such temporary blemishes.

You may also face bruising during and after the dermal filling treatment. To avoid them, you have to take necessary precautions that are prescribed by your dermatologist or cosmetic professional before the treatment.  For example, it is always best to avoid blood-thinning medications and foods prior to your procedure (ie., aspirin, motrin, ginger, etc.).


2)   Long-Term Effects / Complications

Though the dermal filler procedures have an excellent track record with marginal risks involved, there are possibilities for some long-term effects that you need to look out for. You may encounter bumps under the skin, blotches, and scars.

Severe but extremely rare complications include:

  1. blindness which has been reported when using fillers near the lower eyelid area.
  2. necrosis or skin tissue death which has been reported for fillers injected into the tip of the nose. The injection of too much fillers in one area can compress vessels and can also cause necrosis and ulcerations. .

Having procedures done by trained, Board Certified healthcare professionals will minimize such severe risks.

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