The Dish with Dr. Vish (and Dr. Pollard)

Dr. Banthia

In each newsletter, we’ll be sharing a little behind-the-scenes ZendyHealth info with you. For this edition, we chatted with Dr. Vish Banthia and Dr. Pollard, medical advisors of ZendyHealth, to learn more about how the platform came to be.

1) Tell us a little about yourselves.

We are both double Board Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons with an interest in personalized medicine and health information technology. In this age of consumerism driven by the internet, we feel that people want more, better, and faster — the key and fundamental principles underlying Zendy.

2) What was your impetus for starting ZendyHealth?

After the financial and market collapse in 2008, people became more cost-efficient with their spending habits. In practice, both of us see numerous patients who don’t feel like the tired person that they see in the mirror. Unfortunately in most offices, price turns out to be the number one reason that patients don’t commit to moving forward with certain treatments. Moreover, people are inundated with a variety of potential procedures and products — but do all of these options really work?

The real magic of ZendyHealth is that we can help get customers great value on cosmetic procedures that actually work…without sacrificing quality. Daily deal sites may flash a great discount but there are downsides as these types of services have no quality assurance mechanism and moreover, these websites tend to drive cosmetic providers out of business because the deal site walks away with the profit.

ZendyHealth provides a great solution for customers and reputable providers alike — we do the homework for customers, and we help reputable Board Certified providers fill up their available time slots without driving them out of business.

Dr. Pollard
 3) What do you think are the biggest benefits of ZendyHealth?

We provide a service not seen before in this industry — customers can pick their procedure — when they want, where they want, and at the price  they want. Moreover, customers can rest assured that the providers we connect them to are highly qualified and Board Certified — we’ve done the  homework so that customers can have peace of mind.

4) What are some of the future plans for ZendyHealth?

We are growing week by week — our doctor network is expanding and we have new customers availing of our service every day…which is great to see. We hope to add an additional array of services in the field of dentistry (teeth whitening) soon and other health-related fields.


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