DIY CoolSculpting: The Dangers & Risks

Sometimes it feels like you’re doing everything right, the dieting and exercising, but stubborn fat still stays around. While dieting and exercising is a great way to lose weight, sometimes there are fat deposits that are nearly impossible to lose with traditional daily lifestyle changes. With modern day procedures, you can get rid of excess fat without any surgery.

CoolSculpting has been a successful treatment when it comes to eliminating fat cells in a non-invasive and non-surgical way. The idea behind CoolSculpting came from scientists who observed the formation of dimples in some children that ate popsicles. Years later, Cryolipolysis was created, also known as CoolSculpting. From this idea, people have come up with DIY CoolSculpting from home.

The Risks of DIY CoolSculpting

There has been online talks, videos, forums, discussions, and blogs about at-home fat freezing techniques that will save money on professional costs. There have been fat freezing devices like the lipo-belt which has gained popularity. The lipo-belt is a fitted device with cold-packs. The cold-packs are chilled in the freezer and placed on the body, hoping to reduce fat. The idea is believed that it works the same way as CoolSculpting. Unfortunately, there is no medical evidence to prove that the lipo-belt works, and it is not FDA-approved.

Another way that people claim to kill fat cells is by simply applying ice or ice packs to the body and waiting. This is not safe because the careful balance which is delivered by the CoolSculpting machine cannot be recreated with an icepack. Both of these DIY techniques can cause harm to your body like burns, scars, and even blisters. The inconsistency of the temperatures can also cause discoloration of the skin and damage to muscles and/or nerves underneath.

How does fat freezing like CoolSculpting work?

Saying CoolSculpting “freezes” fat cells to reduce them is a simplified explanation of how the treatment works. A CoolSculpting machine, Zeltiq, works at a specific temperature without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue around the fat cells. The machine pulls fat to the surface using a vacuum to ensure the process works effectively.

The controlled, precise cooling at a consistent temperature in a period of time is what makes this treatment safe. This cannot be accomplished safely through applying ice bags, ice water, or ice packs. This causes inconsistent freezing at unstable temperatures.

A skilled and trained practitioner administers the treatment so that it works like it should and is placed strategically at the correct parts of the body. The Zeltiq machine used in the professional process is the only FDA-approved machine for CoolSculpting.

Do at home devices or DIY techniques work?

If it only cost $20 or you only need an ice pack to remove fat cells, everyone in the world would be doing it and you’d hear a lot more about it. The reality is that a DIY CoolSculpting technique is too good to be true. Any advertisements for CoolSculpting tools or CoolSculpting “at home” are imitations and not the Zeltiq brand. This brand is only available for trained medical professionals to use in their clinics.

The remedies mentioned early lie the ice pack and the lipo-belt are not effective. The cost may be lower, but the risks are not equal to the result you’ll see. You could damage your skin and hurt yourself in the process.

Certified Practices

You can’t DIY CoolSculpting. The successful results achieved through CoolSculpting requires precision, and it’s important to receive that precision from a medical trained professional. It is a lot safer to go to a licensed practitioner with a FDA-approved CoolSculpting machine. Specialists have undergone training and certification to ensure your safety. Real CoolSculpting procedures will be performed in a medical office.

Their consultations determine what tools will be best for your fat loss goals. They insure you are administered the correct amount of cooling in the areas that you are trying to target. Practitioners spend time and knowledge on a topic they’ve been trained on, where at-home remedies can only help you as far as your knowledge on CoolSculpting can go without the precision.

Save with ZendyHealth

If it’s money you’re worried about and you’re trying to save through some DIY CoolSculpting, don’t put yourself in danger when ZendyHealth can save you 10-30% on CoolSculpting treatments. Pick your price to save the most– or Request a Quote from nearby doctors. All of ZendyHealth’s providers are trustworthy and trained professionals, so you’ll be in the right hands to ensure you’re getting a safe treatment.


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