Dangers of DIY Plastic Surgery: Use Caution when Choosing Surgeons and Products

Do-it-yourself surgery might seem like a reliable option for those who want to change their appearance, but always exercise caution before proceeding. What you don’t know about home beauty products and providers claiming to be plastic surgeons, could hurt you.

Home beauty products may present serious side-effects, including severe injury and death in extreme cases. Plastic surgeries could also present serious consequences if performed by uncertified or falsely certified surgeons.

Before using DIY home beauty products or selecting a surgeon, always do adequate research. The last thing you want is an unlicensed surgeon or product altering your appearance.

Home Beauty Products and DIY Surgeries

Home beauty products and DIY surgeries are a way of bringing plastic and cosmetic surgeries into the comfort of your home. While they sound appealing with the ease and comfort of usage, there exist many dangers to selecting these options for your beautification.

Online you may find a number of options for DIY surgeries – performing the actual surgery on yourself – and other cosmetic products. Some common examples for self-surgery include:

Home Mole Removal: uses a highly concentrated cream and instructions provided to remove lesions; never proceed without consulting a dermatologist about the lesion.

Home Chemical Peel: uses highly acidic cream to buff skin; beware however that  the highly acidic concentration can scar the skin and cause infection.

Home Botox and Wrinkle Fillers: unregulated products that promise better skin/appearance; are not approved by the FDA and have fake or illegal substances.

Silicone Injections: injections of silicone into buttocks or breasts not done by a professional is extremely dangerous and can lead to infections, scarring, and even death.

Why People Use

Home beauty products and do-it-yourself surgery have seen a lot of attention and popularity recently due to a number of reasons.

First, it’s convenient. Patients want the undesirable features or “flaws” removed, but without the hassle. Self-surgery options lull patients into a false sense of convenience. While it may be easy to have the products brought to your doorstep, they could pose serious problems down the road. And those won’t be all that convenient.

Second, it’s cheap. If it’s so cheap, shouldn’t that pose some red flags? Plastic and cosmetic surgeries are expensive for a reason. They use highly advanced techniques, equipment, specialized training and extremely educated professionals to get the results you want. Don’t seek out self-surgery due to reduced cost, because that reduced cost will be far surpassed with complications in the future. Your looks and well-being are worth a great deal, so it’s best to make a smart choice.

Third, it’s tricky to understand. Home beauty products make vague promises and often give hazy or unspecified details for customers. If you are unsure or uneasy about a certain product due to lack of certification, poor reviews, warnings, stay away from it.

Dangers of Self-Surgery

The list of complications from home cosmetic surgeries goes on and on. Each product has a number of threats and side-effects associated with it.

Take Apryl Brownas an example. Her plastic surgeon used a “silicone filler” that was injected into her buttocks to improve its shape. Brown did not know it at the time, but the substance injected into her buttocks was fake and unregulated, all leading to the amputation of both legs and arms, and her near death hospitalization.

Initially believing she would save money and convenience, Brown would have enormous medical bills and restrictions to face going forward.

Brown’s experience is an extreme example of repercussions from self-surgery, but the dangers are very real, and very prevalent.

Selecting the Right Surgeon and Products

Before choosing self-surgery, DIY products, or DIY plastic surgery, always be sure to conduct thorough research. Read reviews online, consult with others, and ensure the surgeon or product are certified and licensed to practice.

It is absolutely essential to ensure safe, FDA-approved, and certified practice for your cosmetic surgery, whether it be DIY or with a surgeon.

For more information about the dangers of DIY surgery and for a list of ZendyHealth’s trusted providers, contact us or visit https://zendyhealth.com/provider-listings/.


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