Fascinating Facts You Ought to Know About Laser Hair Removal

If you were to count up all the time you have spent on shaving, waxing, Laser Hair Legs Originaland plucking in your life, it would likely add up to weeks, if not months. Furthermore, if you sat down and recalled the nicks and cuts received from dull razors, the painful red bumps and itchiness in the aftermath of waxing, along with all the torturous ingrown hairs, you would probably start crying from a PTSD-type episode.
Apart from all the pain and time that hair removal costs you, there is the actual cost itself; adding up the price of razors, shaving cream, waxing treatments, and trips to the salon would most likely equal over thousands of dollars. Laser hair removal can be the savior you have been looking for.

If you are considering making the switch to laser hair removal, then you most likely would like to know a little bit more about it. Well, we have compiled a list of facts that you ought to know before taking the plunge. These facts will answer the questions that you’ve been fretting about, dispel the myths that make you doubt, and help you make the most informed decision possible. If you do decide to enter the lovely world of permanent hair removal, then you can get ready to kiss those dull razors and that painful hot wax goodbye… forever.


  • Hair Color and Skin Tone


Laser hair removal tends to work best on lighter skin tones with darker hair. When the hair follicle is much darker than the skin tone, the laser is able to target it more precisely and “zap” it away. It may be hard to achieve optimum results if you have white or very light blond hair or if you have dark skin with hair lighter than your skin tone.


  • Different Types of Lasers


Few people are aware that there are several different types of laser devices that can be used in the treatment. Some might work better on your skin than others so it is a smart idea to have a consultation before your treatment so your provider can pick out the best device for you. There are even devices now that work much better on darker skin or skin with a lot of freckles.


  • What Not to Do Before the Treatment


Do not wax, thread, or pluck the area to be treated for a few weeks beforehand. The hair follicles need to be seen so the laser can target them properly. Do not tan or expose yourself to too much sunlight 2 weeks before the procedure as the lighter your skin tone is the better your results will likely be.


  • What You Should Do Before the Treatment


Even though you should not wax, pluck, or thread the area to be treated, it is wise to shave the area a day before your treatment so the hair follicle can be more precisely found with the laser. When the hair follicle is visible as a lone dark dot rather than as small thread of hair, you will have the best results.


  • The Number of Treatments Will Vary


The number of sessions needed to obtain the highest hair reduction will vary depending on your skin and the area being treated. Some areas and people may only need six sessions to obtain desired results while others may require up to twenty sessions to obtain desired results for the treatment area.


  • Not Only Women Get Laser Hair Removal


It’s a common misconception that only women get laser hair removal. The procedure has become widely sought after by men especially for their chests and backs.


  • Minimal Side Effects


There is very little in the way of side effects when you get this treatment done by a certified professional. There may be some slight redness or irritation but the discomfort is minimal post-treatment. And any redness dissipates after only a few days.


  • What You Should and Shouldn’t Do After the Procedure


After the treatment, try to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun so you don’t run the risk of pigmentation issues. Use sunscreen after treatment and do not wax or pluck the area you had treated. For around 24 hours post-treatment, avoid strong perfumes or deodorants and particularly hot showers.

Laser hair removal has steadily become more popular over the last few years. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that there were 1.1 million procedures in the United States this year which is 37% more than the previous year. It really is no wonder why, as it is the safest, fastest, and most effective permanent hair reduction treatment available. Many people hesitate to get laser hair removal because of the cost but one cannot forget how much they would spend on razors, waxing treatments, shaving cream, threading appointments, and bleaching products. Moreover, ZendyHealth can save you 20-70% on laser hair removal sessions with their pick-your-price bidding platform. And with those discounts, there is nothing standing in your way to hair removal freedom!


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