Guest Post: The Healthier Way to Lose Pregnancy Weight

The biggest question every mother that gave birth to her beautiful child is how to lose pregnancy weight.

After giving birth, the last thing that's likely on a new mom's mind is going on a diet.

It’s normal for a woman to gain some weight while they are pregnant. According to Mayo Clinic, the average weight for a woman to gain during the pregnancy is 11 to 16 kg.

Every mother knows that it’s important to gain the proper weight for the baby inside of her to grow healthily.

Lots of doctors say that it’s important for a future mother to avoid focusing on the pre-pregnancy body. It’s something that will mislead their goals of giving birth to a healthy child.

They need to concentrate on nurturing a happy and healthy body that carries a healthy baby.

Pamela Berens M.D., a professor at the University of Texas Medical School, says that a mother should start a stroller workout six weeks after she gave birth. You need to let your body recover from the stress. However, do not become the quiet person that could lead to bigger weight gain.

Dr. Berens advice all new mothers to take a 10-20 minute walks to help you moving, decrease the risk of postpartum depression and reduce stress levels.

In her article for, she explains that a 26-minute stroller workout uses a method of interval training that combines challenging walking and walking at slower paces.

Let’s check it out:

  • The Warm Up: Walk at a moderate pace for about five minutes. Keep your spine long, shoulders back, and stroller 6-10 inches from the hips.
  • The Increase: Walk at the first challenging tempo for about 30 seconds. Stay aware of your breathing.
  • Light: After the challenging tempo, it’s time to loosen up with a lighter temp for 60 seconds.
  • Alternating: Continue with the challenging 30 seconds and moderate 60 seconds 12 times in a row. The total time for this exercise is 18 minutes.
  • Wrapping Up: Cool down walking at an easy pace for 3 minutes.

After a week or so, when you feel ready, increase the challenging tempo to 45 seconds and moderate pace to 90 seconds. In the beginning, start with three days a week. Add a fourth day when you feel ready for it.

Don’t forget to share this with all of your friends. It will be helpful for those who are stressing out about losing weight right after the pregnancy.

Take it easy.


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