Home Remedies for the Common Cold

The common cold (or upper respiratory infection) can put a stop to your daily life. So before it takes too much control over you, here are a few home remedies you can use to cure the common cold.

  • Rest
  • Steam it up
  • Stay hydrated
  • Salt water gargle
  • A pinch of turmeric

Common colds have a way of controlling your life. Even if they last for a short while, they can end up making you feel quite sick. The constant headaches and stuffy nose is no one’s idea of an ideal day and so many people reach for the easiest solution they can find.

Many people rely on conventional medicines to escape the wrath of the common cold. They take syrups and pills in an attempt to cure their cold. While these are some effective ways, you should be prepared to face the side-effects.

Maybe that’s the reason many people prefer home remedies to cure their common cold. The natural remedies typically do not have any side effects and hence are often considered desirable treatment options. So if the common cold has you down and you want to feel better soon, there are a couple of home remedies that’ll have you up and running in no time at all.


This is the most important part of recovering from the common cold. Most people just take medicine and go about their daily routine as normal. Instead of exerting your energies, it’s recommended that you rest your body and mind. When the first signs of the cold emerge, get in bed and rest. This way, you can conserve your energy that the body later uses to fight off the infection.

When you’re down with the cold, it’s a taxing job for your body. Since it has to fight the infection, your body uses all of its force there. This means you can experience low levels of energy. By resting, you give your body a fair chance of winning the battle against the infection.

Steam it Up!

Steam can help you combat the symptoms of the common cold. If you have a stuffy, congested nose, breathing in some steam will clear the passage ways. Just boil some water, let it cool down a bit and then breath in judiciously the hot and humid steam. Another way to go about it would be to run a hot bath or potentially sit in a sauna. Make sure the door is closed so the water vapors don’t get the chance to escape. With your body relaxing in the warm water, you can breathe in the steam and get rid of the stuffy nose.       

If you’d rather stay in bed and tackle the issue, then a humidifier would work best.

Stay Hydrated

The most important thing to do when you’re down with a common cold is to keep hydrated. Your body needs an ample supply of fluids so that it can help help eliminate viral and bacterial load. By staying well hydrated, you can make sure your body doesn’t have to suffer the consequences of dehydration. Fresh juices, water and soups will work well to keep your hydration levels up. But make sure you avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Hot tea and coffee might be soothing for a sore throat but they can make dehydration worse.

Salt Water Gargles

If you’ve been feeling that tickle in your throat along with the cold, you’d be bothered too. All you need is some salt and a glass of warm water. Warm water with a teaspoon of salt is a useful remedy to soothe your sore throat. Try this home remedy thrice a day and you’ll see significant results soon. You can also try this by replacing salt with honey.       

A Pinch of Turmeric

Easily available in your kitchen, turmeric powder is known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties. Adding half a teaspoon of turmeric power in a glass of warm milk can help treat a plethora of health problems. It is a well-known and effective way of fighting signs and symptoms of the common cold. Remember to drink the turmeric powder milk before bed and you’ll notice significant differences instantly.  

These home remedies will get you well on the way to health. But if the symptoms persist, it’s recommended that you give up home remedies and get medical advice.    

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