How to Get Online Medical Prescriptions

The busy life of today has left many people unable to take out time for themselves. As a result, their health suffers and even then most people can’t find the time to see a doctor.

The competitive corporate world can make people’s dreams come true but at what cost? Without the wealth of health, even a ton of money would be of no use to you and that’s a fact.

Since you can’t give up your important meeting to make it to a doctor’s appointment, there has to be another way. You can’t just function while being sick. So what’s the ultimate solution?

Fortunately we live in the technological era and time management services have now made their way into the medical field as well. This means that people can now easily manage their health and careers at the same time, with virtual primary care.

Virtual Primary Care

Most career oriented people must have faced the difficulties of juggling their personal and professional lives together. And to their ultimate surprise and relief, virtual primary care can help solve these issues.

All you need to do is go online, book an appointment with a doctor and you can get the best primary care from the comfort of your home or work. Virtualization of primary care will likely change the dynamics and face of primary care in the next decade.

If you are suffering from a non-life threatening condition, then you can avail the professional services of virtual primary care. Sore throat, mild rash or a strain are just some of the conditions that you can get treated by availing the services of virtual primary care.

There’s not just one benefit to this new system. The biggest advantage is virtually no waiting time. When you book an appointment, you can decide the time that best suits your schedule. Instead of waiting in a crowded doctor’s office, you can just relax in your bed and wait for the time of the appointment. No need to wait around other sick patients.

Another advantage of virtual primary care is that a doctor is available for you 24/7 via texting app. You can just pick up your mobile device and text your doctor about any non-emergency medical question that you might have.

Online Prescriptions

One thing that all newbies worry about is getting online prescriptions. Only a few people have the time and patience of waiting in long lines at pharmacies. You can easily spend hours waiting for your turn only to know that the medicine you need refilled is out of stock. How more annoying can it get?

Getting that prescription filled monthly is also a great hassle. And that’s where virtual primary care comes to your rescue.

With an easy online procedure, you can get prescriptions ordered and delivered at your doorstep. This is the epitome of convenience and certainly not an offer to let go of.

So how does it all work? Let’s take a look at the process.

·      Book an Appointment

The first step to getting an online prescription is to book an appointment on the virtual primary care system. You need to select a date and time for the appointment. The best thing is that you can choose the time that’s feasible for you. So whether you’re at home, at work or travelling, virtual primary care will be with you the whole way along.

·      Get Diagnosed

Once your appointment is booked, it’s time to finally avail the convenient and easy services of virtual primary care. The doctor listens to your medical issues and takes some medical history for reference.

Using this information as a guide, the doctor diagnoses you. In fact, to begin your treatment, they might also prescribe you some medicines.

·      Prescribing Medication

After carefully evaluating your condition and the symptoms, the doctor is able to diagnose you. The next step is prescribing you the medicine that can help alleviate your condition and provide you pain relief.

Virtual primary care doctors can’t hand you the prescription and so, for your ease and convenience, they use the digital option. They are likely to send the prescription to a retail pharmacy in your area.

·      At the Pharmacy

Once your local pharmacy receives the prescription, they will start the process of evaluating your insurance plan. They’d want to make sure that the medicine that the doctor has prescribed you is indeed covered by your insurance plan.

After making sure of this, the pharmacist will evaluate your personal situation too. Based on these two factors, your personal situation and your insurance plan, the pharmacist might take the following courses of action.

  1. According to your health insurance plan, you make a co-payment and get the medicine you need.
  2. The pharmacist might change your expensive medication with an alternative. It would have the same generic as the medication your virtual primary care doctor recommended but a little cheaper.
  3. You make a higher co-pay. This is a percentage of the medicine’s total cost.

Learn more about Virtual Primary Care and how it differs than regular telemedicine.


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