Inc. Magazine Highlights 4 Most Notable Startups to Watch

During the summer, 500 Startups graduated its fourteenth batch of companies, comprised of 9 post-seed and 34 pre-seed startups. Last weekend marked Batch 14’s Demo Day, a private networking event in which the founders of each startup had the chance to present to a group of accredited investors. The event showcased an impressive and conceptually diverse array of startups from a variety of industries.

Below are Inc. Magazine’s selection of 4 most compelling startups from Batch 14 – congratulations to Village Defense, Decisive Health, and Baker for this much-deserved recognition of their innovation and creativity.


Where: Los Angeles

What makes us unique? Gives patients the freedom to negotiate costs of medical procedures.

How it works: ZendyHealth is a cash marketplace that allows patients to bid on medical, dental, and cosmetic procedures and matches them with board-certified providers. Patients benefit by saving from 20-80% on retail prices; providers benefit with increased business, not having to deal with insurance, and filling appointment slots.


Village Defense

Where: San Francisco

What makes them unique? Allows people to receive and provide real-time crime alerts in their area.

How it works: Village Defense is a crime prevention app that sends out call and texts to alert people of crime that’s happening before police even arrive. The alerts are anonymous in order to prevent any retribution towards those who reported the crime, and the app is currently active in over 300 cities.


Decisive Health

Where: San Francisco

What makes them unique? Makes medical bills immediately available to patients in clear language.

How it works: Decisive Health eliminates the long waiting period for receiving medical bills and the confusion many patients experience with healthcare jargon. Medical providers also benefit by capturing revenue much sooner, decreasing billing complaints, and increasing patient satisfaction. Decisive Health is currently providing bills for over 2,000 patients per month.



Where: Denver

What makes them unique? Cultivates consumer loyalty for cannabis dispensaries.

How it works: Baker is a mobile app that gives customers access to exclusive discounts, a rewards program, and the ability to reserve their favorite products from the best nearby dispensaries. Not only does this make buying cannabis more accessible and comfortable for users, it also generates sales and loyalty for dispensaries. Baker currently works with 40 dispensaries in 3 different states.


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