Is Targeted Fat Reduction a Myth?

Have you noticed that even after frequent exercise, there are some parts of your body that just don’t seem to let go of fat? You’re certainly not alone—you’ll find almost every current fitness magazine promises that specific workouts will reduce fat in specific areas. You’ve probably seen the infomercials selling “miracle” machines being marketed to do the same thing. Unfortunately, countless studies have shown that this is pretty much impossible.

A 2011 study performed by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research examined healthy adults and found that several months of regular abdominal exercise had no significant impact on their body fat percentages. However, they did show improved muscular endurance. A 2007 University of Connecticut study had participants complete 3 months of resistance training on their non-dominant arm. Interestingly enough, MRI exams revealed that the fat loss was generalized—distributed throughout the entire body, rather than exclusively in the arm that was trained.

So how and why does the body accumulate fat? The simplest answer is this: eating more than you burn off with exercise will create a surplus of fat that has to be stored somewhere. Where exactly it’s stored has more to do with body shape, which is dependent on a combination of genetics, gender, age, and hormones. That doesn’t mean that you should jump to the conclusion that your genetics “are making you fat”. This, too, is a myth.

Inversely, burning off more calories than you’ve eaten will help you get rid of fat. If you’re eating too much, your normal exercise routine won’t be enough to prevent fat from accumulating in the places you want it least.

The solution? Don’t stop exercising. Make sure you have realistic fitness goals; although you can’t exactly spot-reduce, you can focus on building muscle and improving endurance. Eat a balanced, healthy diet and avoid excessive sugar, trans fats, and other things that your body will process as fat.

If you’re in good shape and still have a little extra fat around your waistline, hips, or arms, there are cosmetic solutions that can help give you a better figure alongside exercise. Liposuction will give you the quickest results, but if cosmetic surgery is out of the question, you could also slim down with Coolsculpting, a non-surgical fat reduction procedure offered by ZendyHealth. We could help you save up to 70% on any one of these treatments, and you can even name your own price! Feel free to contact ZendyHealth for realistic slimming solutions today.


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