Laser Resurfacing Skin Brightening

Watching your favorite stars slay at the beauty game might be all the motivation you need to turn your life around.

For many people, dark skin is a part of their life. People living in different regions have dark skin inherently and that’s not a bother to them. Even some naturally dark skinned people are not happy with their skin tone and seek for ways to change their appearance.

For light skinned people however, the problem arises when their skin starts getting darker. Whatever the reason, appearance of dark patches on the skin can be unsettling for some people. And that’s why they seek skin brightening treatments to counter the condition.

Skin Brightening Treatment

The need to get a brighter skin has driven people to take up some unconventional skin brightening treatments. The introduction of bleaching creams and soaps gave people a way to get rid of uneven toned skin and get the brightness they’ve always wanted. These remedies however, are not effective in all cases. Some might work well for dark spots but when it comes to a more wholesome approach, these remedies might prove to be useless. Skin brightening lotions are also a treatment that many people use. Needless to say, the results of these treatments are not always satisfactory.

In their search for a great skin brightening experience, people even go for some traditional home remedies. Since these practices aren’t the best way to deal with dark skin, technology was brought in to fill this gap in the market. The most advanced approach for skin brightening in this time is a laser skin treatment.

Laser Skin Treatment

Laser treatment has taken the world by storm and it’s the best bet you have against irregular skin tone. The laser treatment uses a high energy light to improve damaged skin cells that cause skin darkening. The procedure doesn’t only remove these irregular cells but it also stimulates the growth of new skin cells. This growth is what ultimately brings out the brightness of your skin. The procedure gives you a bright skin and a younger looking appearance too. Now that’s called an effective treatment!

Laser Skin Treatment Benefits

Fast and Effective Skin Whitening:

There are many skin lightening treatments out there but they take too much time to produce results. However laser skin lightening works faster than the others. It shows drastic improvements right after treatment. For ablative laser procedure this is particularly true. In this procedure aggressive methods are used to treat skin because of which results can be seen right away, mostly after 1-2 treatments. Non-ablative treatments usually take 1-5 treatments which may take longer to show results, but it is significantly fast compared to other skin lightening solutions.

Overall improvement in appearance of skin:

Mostly laser treatment helps you improve dark spots and acne problems but laser treatments can also help you improve overall complexion and skin health. The laser used in this procedure is absorbed by our skin which effectively vaporizes the cells that cause skin darkening. The procedure results in balanced skin tone, fresher, and healthier skin.

Side effects of laser skin lightening:

Swelling, itchiness, redness:

After treatment it may cause swelling redness and skin may feel itchy. But after a few days these symptoms usually fade. After aggressive treatments redness may last for a week and can be a little intense.

Burning sensation:

There are various types of laser treatments. Depending on the type of treatment burning sensation is another side effect. This sensation usually subsides after a few days and by applying a cold compress it can be relieved.

Skin infections:

Infections are not usual but it can happen. To prevent infections most doctors prescribe antibiotics after treatment but in the case of nonablative treatments, post-procedure antibiotics may be unnecessary..

Dryness and scarring:

Depending on the type of skin, laser treatments may also cause dry skin.

Changes in skin pigmentation:

Laser skin lightening or resurfacing is one of the best treatments available for whitening / rejuventating skin but it is not for everyone. That’s why you need to consult a Board Certified professional before undergoing the treatment. Everyone has different types of skin so it may be not suit everyone which will lead to hyper-pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation.

Scabbing and blistering:

These symptoms are quite rare.

Tightness and discomfort:

This treatment may cause you to experience tightness and discomfort in the area that has been treated but this will fade away with time.

Sensitivity to the sun:

Laser treatment utilize high heat which destroys dead cells and encourage the growth of new cells, through this your skin can become photosensitive. Some precautions are taken after this treatment, such as reduce your exposure to sunlight and wear sunscreen to protect your skin.


Acne is not an uncommon side effect of cosmetic laser treatment due to heavy ointments and healing creams that you apply after the treatment.

With an array of benefits, there are certain risks to this procedure as well. Taking the required precautions of post-procedure sun avoidance wil help optimize healing. You can select from our list of providers and choose the skin tightening and lightening treatment that best suits your needs. Request a quote on laser resurfacing or skin brightening treatments and get the firm, smooth skin of your youth.


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