Laser Vein Treatments: Noninvasive Procedure to Treat Spider Veins



Spider veins are the visible dilation, stretching, and branching of blood vessels found in both men and women. Spider veins can be found anywhere on the lower legs, thighs, face for example, and they commonly increase in size, number, and noticeability as we age.

Spider veins rarely represent any serious medical conditions, but many people consider spider veins unattractive and report uncomfortable feelings in the legs or face. ZendyHealth offers laser vein treatments, a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure, that treats spider veins in all locations on the body and gives you the confidence to show off your legs. No more hiding your legs with long pants, and no more irritation due to spider veins.

With a laser vein treatment by one of ZendyHealth’s Board Certified Providers, you will have smoother, younger looking legs and face.

How Laser Vein Treatments Work?

Laser vein treatment, also known as laser therapy, is a safe, FDA-approved and effective way to eliminate small to medium-size branching and web-like patterns of veins. The procedure is performed by using a standardized, high intensity laser.

A beam of light is emitted from the laser’s hand-piece and the high heat is delivered to the vein, causing it to eventually disappear. The high heat of the laser coagulates the blood vessel, and it is eventually reabsorbed by the body. The results is normalized blood vessel appearance, without the branching pattern.

Treatments last approximately 30 minutes to an hour, depending on each individual patient and the extent of spider veins present. 1 to 3 treatment sessions spaced 6 weeks apart may be necessary to achieve optimal results and diminished spider veins.

Prior to laser vein treatments, avoid taking aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drugs, and be sure to stay hydrated before the procedure. During the procedure, you may experience slight sensation as the laser passes over your skin, but minimal to no discomfort. Post-procedure, you may expect some redness, swelling, and irritation but symptoms will subside within a few hours.

With laser vein treatments, there is minimal to zero downtime post-procedure. You may resume normal activities immediately following the procedure. And, since it is completely noninvasive, there is no surgical incisions and no scarring after the procedure.

ZendyHealth’s Network of Providers

ZendyHealth’s service provides our customers the option to request a free consultation or quote for laser vein treatments.   We match you with a Board Certified Provider in your area. All of our Board Certified Providers are prescreened by our Medical Advisory Team, so our customers trust they receive top-notch and quality cosmetic care.

To get rid of your unwanted spider veins on your legs or face, and to finally be able to show off your skin with confidence, request a free consultation with ZendyHealth for laser vein treatments near you.


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