Lose the Love Handles with Liposuction Alternative

Lose the Love Handles with Liposuction Alternative: Coolsculpting® is a non-invasive way to remove fat cells

Coolsculpting® is a process of fat reduction that has been billed as a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. The technique involves exposing an area of skin beneath which a fat layer exists to cold temperature, calibrated to kill the fat cells while leaving the skin unharmed. Research has shown that chilling fat cells below body temperature but above freezing results in the death of the cells. This is followed by a local inflammation response that gradually reduces the fat layer over a number of months. Studies suggest that a single treatment can result in a 20 percent reduction of the fat layer over two months and a 25 percent reduction over six months.

While diet and exercise are always the gold standard in taking care of your body, there are certain areas such as the lower abdomen, love handles, and hips / outer thighs that have unwanted bulges that never seem to melt away despite years of exercise and likely thousands of dollars spent on personal trainers and gym fees.

At some point, one has to stop hammering a square peg through a round hole, so to speak…., and try something new and different that actually has scientific data to back up the fat-busting claims.

Coolsculpting® has been approved by the FDA for fat reduction.  The procedure recently received FDA approval for fat reduction involving the outer thighs.  The same process was previously used as a method of reducing pain by chilling parts of the skin and was used off label for fat reduction prior to approval.

While liposuction is an excellent surgical procedure for fat reduction, Coolsculpting® has the obvious added advantage in that the procedure is non-surgical and typically requires no downtime.  It does not have any of the inherent risks of surgical procedures as it is non-invasive.  The treatment is performed without anesthesia and takes about 45 minutes per session (per area).

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