Non-Surgical Cellulite Reduction Can Be Affordable

There are several things that most women don’t like to see when they look into the mirror. One of them is cellulite. According to the Mayo Clinic and Scientific American, it is something that can befall people of all ages regardless of their weight. The good news is that today’s technologies may help make it disappear.

But before we talk about modern day cellulite reduction techniques, let’s take a moment to talk about how we end up with it in the first place. Some members of the scientific community attribute cellulite formation to a combination of hormones, genetics, physical inactivity, poor circulation and adrenergic receptors. Others also toss poor diet and stress into the mix.

Regardless, underneath of our skin are fibrous cords that connect our skin tissue to our muscles. In between them are our fat cells. As the amount and size of our fat cells change, they cause the fibrous cords and our surface skin to move. Unfortunately, not all of the movement occurs at the same time or in the same way. That uneven movement is what causes pockets of cellulite to appear.

It is widely accepted that one of the best way to get rid of it is to sign up for non-surgical skin-tightening and cellulite reduction procedures that utilize contemporary technologies (e.g. radio-frequencies and lasers). They are designed to address the water retention, strain on the septa walls and hypodermic fat cell build-up that contribute towards the development of cellulite in various parts of the body. The procedures go by different names and vary somewhat based on the equipment involved. The list of names includes, but not limited to Venus Freeze®, Velashape®, Accent® and SkinTyte®. They usually take place over the course of several weeks and involve no downtime. For those more inclined to do surgical procedures, consideration might be given to Cellulaze™.

Some people also opt to combine the scientifically sound, cellulite reduction procedures with a combination of lifestyle changes too. For instance, it is not unusual for people to sign-up for strength training classes, aerobics classes and massage therapy. Adopting a nutritional regime that includes high water content fruits and veggies is a popular lifestyle change as well.

To learn more about cellulite reduction and how it may be completed non-surgically, please stop by ZendyHealth and ask to be connected to a Board Certified Provider. Our Board Certified Providers are extremely knowledgeable about cellulite reduction – both in nonsurgical and surgical ways.


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