Nonsurgical Cosmetic Procedures Would Have Simplified Life for Marilyn Monroe

Ever since the news about movie icon Marilyn Monroe’s history of cosmetic surgery broke, people have been buzzing about it. Some people expressed surprise and disbelief. Others simply chalked her cosmetic surgeries up to standard Hollywood behavior. Whichever position you may have opted to take on the subject, there is no arguing that the world of beauty has certainly changed since Monroe took center stage. Nowadays, people have the option of scheduling nonsurgical cosmetic procedures instead.

Take Marilyn Monroe’s chin implants as an example. She apparently had them surgically inserted below the skin to give her chin more definition. By all accounts, she would have had to have taken time out of her schedule to have the surgery as well as allow for a recovery period.

If she had still been around today, she could have skipped the operating room and went with injectable dermal fillers and nonsurgical facelifts instead. They frequently take place in a medispa environment or Board Certified physician’s office over the course of several weeks. The end result would have been a defined chin, no downtime and no surgical notes for people to auction off decades later.

Of course modern day Marilyns have more nonsurgical cosmetic procedures to choose from than nonsurgical facelifts and injectable dermal fillers. There are also nonsurgical cosmetic procedures designed to sculpt the body, remove tattoos, control acne, get rid of excess hair and eliminate unsightly veins. Some of the treatments can even solve nail fungus, scarring and age spot problems too.

The other wonderful thing that today’s nonsurgical cosmetic procedures have over their surgical counterparts is the price. One can only hazard a guess at what Marilyn Monroe and others like her had to pay for their cosmetic surgeries. But it’s a fair assumption to believe that they wouldn’t have found deals like those available through ZendyHealth. We give individuals the opportunity to name their own treatment price, and we connect them to high quality Providers in their local area. To learn more about how it all works, please visit ZendyHealth today.


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