Intense Pulsed Light: Nonsurgical Skin Maintenance Cosmetic Procedure


Young healthy skin is defined by its bright, radiant look and an even-colored skin tone, without blotches and spots. However, as both women and men age, it is far too common to see an increase in unwanted blemishes, age spots, and stretch marks.

ZendyHealth offers a unique, nonsurgical, and proven-effective cosmetic procedure to keep skin glowing and natural: Photofacial with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). Performed by one of ZendyHealth’s Board Certified Providers, IPL Photofacial is a safe and reliable way to revitalize skin. This nonsurgical cosmetic procedure treats areas of the skin including the face, neck, upper chest (décolleté), forearms, and back of the hands.

With an IPL Photofacial, patients will feel confident with radiant and youthful looking skin. IPL Photofacial gives patients benefits such as:

  • Fading birthmarks/port wine stains
  • Fixing ruptured facial veins
  • Decreasing facial lines and wrinkles
  • Diminishing and removing brown, reddish skin/age spots
  • Creating rejuvenated, healthy, blemish-free skin
  • Improving skin texture, tone, and complexion


How it Works

Without using surgical incisions, IPL Photofacial works by delivering high intensity light pulses directly to the skin treatment areas. IPL is non-ablative, which means it leaves the skin surface undamaged, and focuses on the lower layers of the skin.

High intensity light is sent directly to the dermis (deep undersurface of skin where pigment cells reside), and light is absorbed at the targeted skin areas. By absorbing the light, the damaged/darkened skin cells are destroyed, but the epidermis (top surface of the skin) remains unharmed so there is no pain, peeling, or scarring. The result is natural, younger looking skin at the desired location.

What to Expect

Local anesthesia is not required for IPL Photofacial, because most individuals report only slight discomfort during the cosmetic procedure. A cooling gel is used at the treated area for the patient’s comfort.

There is no downtime after an IPL Photofacial session, and patients may return to normal activities immediately following the procedure. A session typically lasts 20-30 minutes, depending on each individual treatment area.

Prior to procedure, avoid sun tanning for 2 weeks beforehand, and stop active skin care 48 hours prior. Post procedure, patients may experience redness and mild discomfort (similar to sunburn sensation) that will subside after a few hours.

Depending on the extent of damaged skin cells and each individual patient, multiple IPL Photofacial sessions may be required for optimal results. But, fading of blemishes should be seen after just one session.

ZendyHealth’s Service

ZendyHealth’s service provides you with IPL Photofacial treatments performed by Board Certified Providers, at prices you choose, and locations near you.

Typical median retail price per session of IPL are:

  • Single Spot – $100
  • Hands – $350
  • Neck – $300
  • Full face – $500
  • Back – $550
  • Chest – $400
  • Forearms – $500

IPL Photofacials done by our licensed providers will have your skin looking refreshed, younger, and vibrant. You’ll feel confident showing off your improved skin tone and texture, and won’t have to hide skin blemishes.

With ZendyHealth, our customers receive real-time values on FDA-approved and Quality Assured cosmetic procedures and products, including IPL. Once you submit an offer, we match you with a Board Certified Provider offering IPL, or several other cosmetic procedures, in your area, and at a price you’re comfortable paying.


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