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Cosmetic and plastic surgeries are again on the rise across the United States. With so many procedures, practitioners, reviews, and advertisements available to you online, it is difficult to know where to start looking. ZendyHealth’s online platform offers a one-stop shop for all your cosmetic needs.

ZendyHealth’s service provides our customers with popular cosmetic procedures, performed only by top Board Certified Providers, in areas near you, and at prices you can afford. With ZendyHealth, our customers need only look in one place for their cosmetic needs, with no questions as to the affordability and quality of your cosmetic procedure.

How it Works

When our Board Certified Providers have empty appointment slots during the day, they use ZendyHealth to fill these slots. Rather than leaving these times unfilled, our provide
rs allow us to send customers to them at lower-than-retail offers for their services. That way, you get an amazing deal on a cosmetic procedure at discounted prices with 20-80% savings.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select Your Cosmetic Procedure and Enter Zip Code
  2. Submit Your Offer
  3. Get Matched with a Board Certified Provider

Select Your Cosmetic Procedure and Enter Zip Code

ZendyHealth works with providers offering many minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures with little to no downtime after the procedure. Cosmetic procedures offered through our service include Botox™, laser hair removal, dermal fillers, microdermabrasion, fat reduction, cellulite reduction, and more.

By entering your zip code, our online platform will match you with the closest Board Certified Provider near you.

Submit Your Offer

Submit your offer with ZendyHealth for a cosmetic procedure at a price you feel comfortable paying. Select when and where, and the price you’re willing to pay, and we will do all the searching for you. If your offer is accepted by one of our Board Certified Providers, we automatically match you.

Once we match your offer, you will get an email letting you know who the Provider is, their location and contact information, and the time of your appointment. Your matched offer price includes consultation, procedure and any facility fees, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Get Matched with a Board Certified Provider

Every one of our cosmetic surgery providers is prescreened and preapproved by our Medical Advisory Team before being matched with customers. Each provider must meet our qualifying standards and use strictly FDA-approved and Quality Assured products and techniques before becoming a Board Certified Provider.

With these qualifying factors in place, our customers can rest assured knowing that their cosmetic procedure is being performed by a licensed and trained practitioner, who will provide the desired results you want.

Contact ZendyHealth

To receive your cosmetic needs with excellent quality of care, safe and effective procedures, Board Certified Providers, locations near you, and prices YOU choose, contact ZendyHealth today.

ZendyHealth is your online marketplace for popular cosmetic procedures. Look fabulous at your price.


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