Preparing for LASIK Surgery

People who have had to deal with weak eyesight all their lives can become tired of all the hassle associated with contact lens. It’s a whirlwind of spectacles and lenses, which no doubt are helpful options. LASIK can significantly improve poor eyesight and forever free you from the tangling situation of using eyeglasses or lenses and some of the associated problems arising from excess contact lens use (such as inflammation of the cornea and excess drying of the eyes).

If you are interested in the procedure, get in line. Since LASIK has gained popularity, people have flocked to the LASIK surgeons, hoping to improve their eyesight. The first step is to look for the right surgeon.

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Here are a few suggestions for preparation that you might consider prior to your procedure – helpful things to keep in mind:

LASIK Preparation

In general, there are no extensive preparations / preoperative regimens that you have to make for the surgery but even the little things matter.

Before Surgery

The preparation starts weeks before and so it’s important to follow the guidelines carefully. Although surgeons have their own specific set of rules, here are a few common ones that can apply to almost all candidates. However, it’s important to talk to your doctor before implementing any of these. Your case might differ from the rest of the candidates and so the instructions you get might also vary:

  • Make sure that you read and understand all the material provided by the surgeon. If you are unsure about something, call up your surgeon and clear up your concerns. It’s important to be mentally prepared for the procedure. If you have any doubts, clear them up first and then opt for the surgery.
  • It’s recommended that you stop wearing soft contacts two weeks prior to the surgery. This step will help to stabilize your corneas and get them ready for the procedure.
  • GP lenses are rigid and hence cause significant changes in the cornea. If you use these lenses, your surgeon would advise you to stop wearing them about 3-4 weeks before surgery.
  • It’s recommended that you take a few days off work. 4-5 days would be enough for the recovery phase. Although the procedure takes 24 hours, some surgeons advise their patients to return to work the day after the surgery. However, it’s best if you give your eyes some rest for the first few days after surgery.
  • At least 24 hours before surgery, it’s important to stay away from alcoholic beverages and other products that contain alcohol.
  • The night before the surgery, make sure you remove all the makeup carefully. Your eye area should be makeup-free. To help clean your eyes, it’s recommended that you utilize artificial tears to cleanse the eyes and flush out any debris.
  • Even though your eyesight will be better after the surgery, it’s important to not strain them. You can ask someone to give you a lift to and from the surgery.

Surgery Day

You’d need to take care of yourself until the time you go in for the surgery. It’s important to follow the provided guidelines and ensure your safety.

  • If you have travelled far for the procedure, make sure you find some accommodations nearby. You won’t be ready for extensive travelling right after the surgery and so it might be a good idea to find a local accommodation nearby.
  • Keep your alcohol cravings at bay. Surgeons recommend that it’s important to lay off alcohol for at least 48 hours after the surgery. Intake of alcohol can dry out your eyes and that’s not good for your eyes just yet. You have to keep away from anything that has high alcohol content and that doesn’t just include beverages. Perfumes, colognes and hair sprays also have alcohol. Sao it’s better to stay away from all the products. You wouldn’t want to adversely affect your recovery process.
  • Makeup is a no no on your surgery day. It’s important that you don’t even apply any lotion. Take the all natural look for the day. As mentioned above, colognes and perfumes have high alcohol content and hence must be avoided at all costs. The small fibers of makeup can interfere with the energy of the laser and that’s why you are asked to go all natural on the day of the surgery.
  • If you are on any medications, you can continue to take them till the day of the surgery. But since all cases differ from one another, ask your doctor and follow the specific guidelines they provide.
  • The clothes you wear can cause problems for you so make sure you wear something that doesn’t produce lint. Also avoid clothes or accessories made of wool. The small fibers of your clothing items can interfere with the laser. It’s better to wear some simple, comfortable and lint-free clothes.

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