ZendyHealth’s Dr. Banthia offers skin care advice for men on the MaleStandard.com

Nov 6, 2013

The Male Standard, a mens grooming and lifestyle website, interviewed our founder and CMO Dr. Vish Banthia to give advice for men on non-invasive cosmetic skin care. An excerpt from the Q&A is below, click on the link for more:

Q: What are the common mistakes men make when it comes to getting Botox? 

A: This next tip is not really a mistake, but something I would like to clarify: Men tend to require more Botox (in terms of recommended units) than woman – men’s muscles can be stronger, especially in the forehead or glabella region (in-between the brows). I see men may want fewer units than what is best for optimal results. Typically, at least 20 units per area is a general guide per area but can range up to 30 or higher especially in the glabellar region. Another potential mistake common to both men and women is going to places with the cheapest price on Botox. Some of these facilities that provide cheap Botox are not properly supervised and may use Botox and filler products that do not meet FDA standards.




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