Prevent Heart Attacks with Plenty of Exercise

How much exercise do you usually get per week? Chances are, it’s not enough. Studies have shown that only about half of adults in the U.S. meet the recommended guideline of either 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise, or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity exercise. There’s been extensive research showing a positive correlation between consistent physical activity and a reduced chance of heart disease; the more you hit the gym, the more your heart is protected.

A recent Johns Hopkins University study found that being in good shape improves one’s chances of surviving a first heart attack. The participants who had metabolic equivalent scores of 10 or higher (on a scale of 1-12, 12 being the most physically fit) were 40% less likely to die after a heart attack. The 33% of those with MET scores of 6 or below died within a year of their first heart attack. Study authors recommended exercise programs to those with cardiovascular risk factors in order to increase longevity.

Not only does regular physical activity help prevent heart attacks, it may also fight one of the major risk factors associated with heart disease: depression. A recent study from the Emory Clinical Cardiovascular Research Institute found that symptoms of depression were linked to early indicators of heart disease, such as arterial stiffening and inflammation. However, researchers also found that regular exercise actually reduced these depressive symptoms and minimized the chances of developing heart disease.

It’s also incredibly important to practice preventative care and get screened for heart disease, even if you’re exhibiting no apparent symptoms. A University of London study found that one third of stroke patients who had no symptoms of heart disease actually had significant risk of coronary artery disease; 3% went on to have a heart attack within a single year of the stroke. Researchers went on to recommend that any stroke patients should be assessed by cardiologists and screened for coronary artery disease. Whether you have cardiovascular risk factors, have experienced a stroke, or just want to be proactive about your heart health, ZendyHealth can help you save 20-60% on a heart scan with a reputable radiology provider.


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