ProductHunt Increases ZendyHealth Traffic and User Base

In the last week of October, ZendyHealth was featured in ProductHunt’s Daily Top 10 as “the Priceline for medical, dental, and cosmetic services.”

ProductHunt is an online platform that curates tech enthusiasts’ top picks for notable new websites, mobile apps, games, and other products. Users can submit links to startups they find conversation-worthy as well as upvote and comment on other submissions. What makes ProductHunt stand out is its strong user community and leaderboard-style design, which makes it easy to find the top products and startups that were featured on each day.

As a result of the ProductHunt mention, ZendyHealth saw immediate growth in user base with a 32 percent increase in traffic for two days, and a 10 percent increase in offers for the week.

One user described ZendyHealth as a “Great idea that really impacts people’s lives. Backed by a great team who can execute their vision”; and in response to another user comment, founder Vish Banthia confirmed that LASIK eye surgery is on the list of upcoming services ZendyHealth will be offering in the future.

You can check out ZendyHealth’s page on ProductHunt here.


  • MRI
    MRI Scan
    Diagnostic imaging available via Pick Your Price or Buy Now
  • Mammogram
    Screening and diagnostic imaging available at your own price
  • Lasik
    Pick Your Price on LASIK corrective surgery for Both Eyes