Professional vs. At-Home Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair RemovalHow many hours have you spent waxing, shaving, and tweezing? Chances are good that you’ve lost track. Removing unwanted hair with traditional razors and waxing is something people spend an unnecessary amount of time and effort on. Many choose to cut out this nuisance altogether by opting for laser hair removal. It’s a convenient way to permanently reduce or remove unwanted hair, and according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, laser hair removal was the 4th most common minimally invasive procedure performed by doctors in 2013.

When any cosmetic procedure becomes popular, a wave of products flood the market claiming to offer professional quality results without the need to leave home. Laser hair removal is no different, and devices are available to purchase at many online retailers and cosmetic stores.

But do these devices provide a true professional experience?

Essentially, no. None of the devices currently on the market come close to producing the results of professional laser hair removal. We looked at numerous reviews of the available devices, and there are a several universal complaints with the at-home devices.

Overly Complicated and Cumbersome

Many reviewers complained that the instructions that came with their devices were lengthy and confusing, and do enough to explain the process. Many others noted that the devices were cumbersome to use, including being “top-heavy” and difficult to maneuver, especially when using the device on themselves. And due to the often vaguely labeled “pulse setting” on many of these devices, many reviewers noted that they received painful burns from the devices.

Difficult or Impossible to use on Certain Skin Types and Tones

One major limitation of these devices is that they will not work on every skin type and tone. Because of the way these devices work, an ideal candidate is someone with a light-to-medium skin tone with darker hair. Many reviewers with a darker skin tone and lighter hair reported that at best the device wouldn’t work, emitting an annoying buzzing sound. In the worst cases, the dark pigment of the skin absorbed the laser, resulting in burns.

They Can’t be Used on Certain Areas

If you’re looking for a way to conveniently remove hair from eyebrows, ears, or upper lip, these devices are sure to disappoint. Most of the at-home laser hair removal units strongly urge users to avoid these areas, as they are potentially dangerous.

They Just Aren’t as Effective

By far the most overwhelming complaint with at-home laser hair removal devices is their ineffectiveness. While professional laser hair removal can be a long-term way to eliminate unwanted hair, the at-home imitators come up incredibly short. Most users reported having to redo the treated areas every 1-3 weeks, with disappointing results. Many of the devices are carefully marketed as being “intended to use in conjunction with shaving.” For users hoping to ditch their razors for good, these devices aren’t the solution.

Wanting to save money and effort on hair removal is understandable, and that’s why ZendyHealth helps clients find qualified, top providers for laser hair removal. Our providers belong to established medical clinics and cosmetic centers, where clients can receive care without the risks of subpar at-home devices.

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