Rise in Tattoo Removal: What is causing the Increase?

As more and more people are getting “inked,” the demand for tattoo removal is also increasing. The tattoo craze in the 90s, early 2000s, and into today, is fueling the tattoo removal industry. As people are getting older, they are less likely to keep their tattoo, and more likely to pursue options for removing it.

If you want to remove your tat, then you are not alone. And you can rest assured, because there are safe methods to do so. We provide the facts on tattoo removal, and how it can be done.

Regretting the Ink

Rise in Tattoo Removal

What may have seemed like a good idea in your youth, may be very different from today. Despite knowing the tattoo would be “permanent,” our youthful intuition still believed they were a good idea.

Honoring a loved one, self-identifying, or rebelling, all lead to the desire for tattoos. But, as people age, things change and sometimes you wish you had never gotten the tattoo. If you wish to get rid of your tattoo, then you are one of many that regret the ink.

Whether it be due to an interview, a break-up, or simply change of taste, tattoos are being removed across the country. More and more people are looking for reliable ways to erase their tattoos.

Removing the Ink

Laser Tattoo Removal Surgery
There are currently two options for removing tattoos. The first are cream-based ointments designed to wear off the tattoo. The other is through laser tattoo removal surgery. We provide the facts about both.

Home remedy creams such as Wrecking Balm or Tat B Gone are two common application-based products for tattoo removal. They work by exfoliating the layer of skin with ink pigment, and regenerating new skin cells without the tattoo. Various critics claim these as nothing more than falsified products that do not provide effective results.

Results will vary based on each individual, and it’s a convenient solution to your tattoo woes, if it works. The question is if it does. Look at the many online reviews, and they’ll tell you cream ointments do not work.

Laser tattoo removal surgery is growing in popularity. The procedure uses specialized techniques and equipment. Using high intensity lasers, the pigment colors are broken up and lightened with each treatment.

The downside to this route is it may take several treatments to fully eliminate your tattoo. But, many have asserted laser removal is well worth it, as results improve with each treatment.

Industry and Technology Growth

The industry and technology of tattoo removal are growing significantly. The two parallel each other; as the demand for tattoo removal increases, so too does the technology behind it.

The tattoo removal industry is growing at such a rate, that it is now consistent with the overall tattoo industry. According to MarketWatch, tattoo removal revenue has grown over 440% over the last decade, with no signs of slowing down.

The technology behind laser removal surgery is further developing, as a direct result of the increased market for tattoo removal. Laser removal surgery is increasing in reliability and prevalence due to improved technology and techniques.

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