Smooth Skin and Optimal Results with Laser Hair Removal

If you are tired of shaving, tweezing, waxing and plucking, you need to try laser hair removal for an effective and proven hair removal experience.  Laser hair removal presents you with the best option of getting rid of unwanted body hair. This method is outstanding and efficient, which ensures that you have smooth and healthy skin after going through hair removal. Removal of hair using laser technology is popular for both men and women. You can use this method to remove hair from your underarms, back, legs and face or any other part of your body.

According to PR Web, laser hair removal provides a “…safe solution for treating unwanted hair nearly anywhere on the body. During a treatment session, laser energy aims directly at targeted hair follicles. The pigmentation of the hair follicles absorbs this energy, killing the follicle and prevents future re-growth.” Laser hair removal requires one to go for several hair removal sessions to ensure that you achieve optimal results. When hair falls out, it might grow slowly or stop growing altogether. You need to consult with your hair removal team on whether laser hair removal will work well for you, depending on the amount of melanin that your skin contains.

Hair removal is effective at the anagen phase. Hair usually grows in cycles and, therefore, does not get into anagen phase instantly. With multiple treatment sessions, you have the chance of treating new hair growth, which was dormant in a previous removal session. The number of treatment sessions varies from one person to the other. This is a time efficient method, as it makes sure to treat multiple hair follicles at the same time. Though you might feel some slight irritation on your skin after laser hair removal, it is usually a pain-free experience, which makes it a comfortable method of hair removal.

The cost of laser hair removal varies depending on the part in question as well as the size of the area going through this procedure. This ranges from small to medium, large and extra-large. It is advisable for clients who want to go through laser hair removal to avoid exposure to the sun, or refrain from electrolysis or waxing treatments for a period of 4 weeks before going for laser treatment. In addition, application of tanning creams should stop about a week to the procedure. This makes sure that the clients go through laser hair removal safely and get good outcomes. Contact us at ZendyHealth for a wonderful hair removal experience.



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