Spider Vein Treatment Options – Discussed by Board Certified Physicians

Spider veins are one of those cosmetic issues that traditionally occur as we advance in age. They tend to be brought about by several things, including a person’s hormone levels, lifestyle and genetic makeup. For some people, the imperfections may start to appear in their 20s. In other instances, a person may not notice them until much later in life, if at all. They can occur on the face or on the legs and other areas of the body.

On a positive note, Board Certified physicians are capable of treating spider veins using non-invasive and minimally invasive methods.

One of the non-invasive spider vein treatment methods used by Board Certified physicians is sclerotherapy. Another one is referred to as laser vein treatment. Both cosmetic vein remedies tend to retail anywhere from $375 to $400 per session. In addition, neither one involves downtime.

Sclerotherapy sessions are typically 15-30 minutes long and can take place every four to six weeks. They are usually conducted in a Board Certified physician’s office and involve the injection of a special solution into the vein that helps to close it. The salt based solution, in turn, minimizes the spider veins’ appearance. When the session ends, the client may be asked to wear compression stockings. The compression stockings are designed to improve circulation, reduce swelling and minimize risks of complications.

Laser vein treatments, on the other hand, tend to last 15 minutes each and are scheduled every six weeks. As you can guess, during the in-office sessions, the Board Certified physician uses a laser to address the client’s spider vein concerns instead of injections. Unlike the injections, the laser generates concentrated light. As such, it is the concentrated light that causes the veins’ appearance to fade.

To speak with a Board Certified physician and learn more about spider vein treatments, please visit the ZendyHealth website. We specialize in putting people in contact with Board Certified physicians that offer real-time deals on an array of high quality, cosmetic procedures, including spider vein treatments.


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