Take Care of Your Tooth Decay with a Tooth Extraction

Tooth Decay
Tooth decay is no joke. Sure, it can at times be prevented through regular brushing and flossing, as well as regular visits to the dentist. But what happens when it becomes too severe?

Tooth decay can be caused by a number of conditions. Diet and genetics are a few of these. Using fluoride-based oral hygiene products can help prevent decay, as can limiting highly acidic foods and beverages. These include coffee, fruit juice and sugary snacks. When a large amount of sugar enters the body, the body becomes an acidic environment. Acids in foods can break down tooth enamel, creating decay and cavities.

In many worse case scenarios, a tooth that is experiencing decay may have to be extracted, or removed completely by a dental surgeon. This could help prevent the condition from spreading to other teeth. However, tooth extractions can be costly, especially for people without dental insurance.

Don’t make getting a tooth extraction more of a pain than it already is. Use ZendyHealth to save up to 50% on your next tooth extraction. Our signature platform connects clients to both savings and certified professionals.

ZendyHealth Helps you Save on Dental Procedures like a Tooth Extraction

At retail, the average price for a single tooth extraction with an exam, x-rays and local anesthesia is around $500! ZendyHealth will help you pay a fraction of that. How does it work? It’s easy:

  1. Select your desired procedure and zip code;
  2. Make a reasonable offer that you can afford;
  3. ZendyHealth does the work to connect you to a pre-screened dental care provider

It’s that simple.  The only headache you will have is from your aching tooth.

Call us today at 1-855-699-3639 or get a free-consultation! You could learn quickly how much ZendyHealth will be able to save you on a tooth extraction.


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