Telemedicine Versus Virtual Primary Care

When it comes to taking care of healthcare needs in more convenient, affordable ways, ZendyHealth is the ultimate one-stop shop for medical, dental, and cosmetic procedures. With an array of service providers, ZendyHealth aims to raise the bar for healthcare standards. From cosmetic procedures like dermal fillers and skin tightening treatments, to dental treatments for misaligned teeth, ZendyHealth has always kept aimed to fulfill your healthcare requirements in times of need.

Keeping up their commitment to provide quality healthcare and beauty procedures, ZendyHealth has once again come up with a solution. When primary care is inaccessible and you need medical help, virtual care is the answer to save you trips to the Urgent Care or Emergency Room which can rack up costly bills.

Why the Alternative?

Imagine: the rough weather has you stranded in your house or you’re away on a trip and need medical advice. What’s better than virtual care? Getting sick is already an inconvenience but not getting proper medical help quickly can aggravate the situation. That’s why you can avail this opportunity and get the help you need from the comfort of your home!

Virtual care is available to ease your healthcare needs, any time of the day and any day of the year. Online consultations and diagnostic tools can bring peace in your life and provide the ultimate convenience of getting quality healthcare.

People often confuse telemedicine and virtual primary care as the same thing, when in fact, they both are quite diverse medical practices. If you are one of the people who can’t determine the differences between the two, read on and be enlightened.



The ever increasing popularity and convenience of telemedicine has no doubt played an important part in the healthcare industry. People weren’t sure how it will all turn out but in the end, considering the popularity has gained over the years, it’ll be safe to assume that telemedicine is living up to its potential. However it’s not the ultimate solution that we thought the future would bring.

Telemedicine, as the name implies, is bound by the restraints of physical objects and specific locations. The main issue with telemedicine is that it is limited in scope – only a handful of issues can be addressed whereas virtual primary care can address over 1000 diagnoses and offer a host of advantages over telemedicine.

Virtual Primary Care

Virtual primary care is above these technological restrictions and is the future of telemedicine. It is a logical way of care and is device-agnostic. See the complete list of advantages of Virtual Primary Care.



You want to avail the convenience of telemedicine but in the end, you don’t get the service you paid for. The phone or video conversations are with a random and different doctor each time which can significantly decrease the patient’s satisfaction level.  This has limited the scope of telemedicine since one is not able to be prescribed tests, labs, etc. that require follow up.

Virtual Primary Care

Once you are connected with a doctor through the virtual primary care service, you can opt to consult the same doctor again. This simple choice is enough to make you feel comfortable and the next time you experience some gastric problems you wouldn’t have to go through your whole medical history over and over again. Additionally, virtual primary care includes the delivery of preventive, promotive and curative care. Needless to say, the vast scope of the services provided by virtual primary care has made it the preferred mode of care.

Ongoing Care


No matter if people consider telemedicine as technologically advanced, if it can’t provide ongoing care to its patients, what’s the use of all the integrated system? If you’ve availed telemedicine services during an illness, your doctors won’t follow up on your condition.

Virtual Primary Care

This model however, provides an integrated system, which means that you can consult the same doctor who initially diagnosed you. Throughout your illness, your doctor takes follow up from time to time. This keeps them, up-to-date on your condition and provides them with all the tools to continue your treatment effectively. Essentially, you get a concierge primary care doctor 24x7 with ZendyHealth’s Virtual Primary Care offering.


These are the basic differences that set these two clinical healthcare systems apart. Although both of them are a combination of telecommunication and information technology, there’s a vast difference in the service offerings. There’s a good chance that within a few years, with the invention of more advanced technology, virtual primary care will revolutionize the healthcare industry. Remote access has already affect lives of many people around the world and sit will continue to do so.

If you too are interested in availing virtual care services, head over to ZendyHealth. Choose from an array of virtual care services and take a step towards a healthier lifestyle.  Start Virtual Primary Care for just $10 per month at an exclusive Buy Now price. That’s less than a Netflix subscription and less than coffee for the month.

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