The Latest in Health Tech

Here at ZendyHealth, we’re all about creativity when it comes to improving the way you receive healthcare. Below are just a few of the most recent innovations that could revolutionize personal preventative care.

Tremor-Canceling Spoon

The Gyenno Spoon was developed to help those with Parkinson’s and other tremor-causing disorders to eat without stress. The spoon is rechargeable and comes equipped with sensors that identifies the user’s tremors and stabilizes the hands with a high-speed servo control system. It’s made with medical-grade silicone, is ergonomically designed, and even has removable fork and soup spoon attachments.

Smart Water Bottle

The Hidrate Spark is a stylish water bottle that measures how much you’re drinking and glows when you need to hydrate more. The Spark also connects to your smartphone and health-tracking apps to calculate the right amount of hydration you need based on activity, climate, and humidity. It’s also dishwasher-safe! The Hidrate Spark comes in 6 different colors and will be available for online ordering in March.

Bluetooth Thermometer

This handheld thermometer contains 16 infrared sensors to capture the most accurate temperature readings in just 2 seconds. To use, just place the device gently on your temple—no need for contact with saliva or earwax. It will also save each temperature reading to the Thermo app, which can even be sent to your doctor. An added bonus? It’s already been approved by the FDA.

Smart EpiPen Case

Those with severe allergies need to have epinephrine on them at all times in case of life-threatening anaphylactic shock. The Veta is a Bluetooth-enabled smart case for the EpiPen that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It sends you alerts to help find a misplaced EpiPen, and lets you know if you’ve left the house without it. Most importantly, if one of the auto-injectors is removed, Veta sends an alarm and your location to people you have named in your private support circle.

Portable Gluten Sensor

The Nima is the first of its kind: a handheld device that uses a chemical-based test to detect gluten in small pieces of food or liquid—all in under 2 minutes. The team behind the design, who come from Google, MIT, Stanford, and Nike, anticipate an upgrade in the near future that will be able to detect traces of peanuts and dairy.


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