The Latest in Health Tech: 2016

ZendyHealth is committed to providing innovative solutions for both doctors and patients, and we commend the researchers and startups that work hard to make healthcare better and more accessible. Check out the best and brightest wellness innovations of 2016:


HealthLoop is a cloud-based platform that lets doctors automate patient follow-up care and avoid preventable complications. It was created as a solution to the high readmission rates of recently discharged hospital patients; by sending personalized messages to each patient after a hospital procedure or visit, doctors can guide their patients through recovery and keep tabs on their progress. HealthLoop is currently being tested at several well-known medical centers in California.

SteriPEN Ultra

This piece of portable technology is already revolutionizing how consumers travel, whether it’s camping, hiking, or traveling around the world. The SteriPEN Ultra is a handheld water purifier that uses UV light to eliminate 99.9% of waterborne-illness-causing bacteria. The device is rechargeable, works in 48 seconds, and can treat 50 liters of water when fully charged. The SteriPEN Ultra can be purchased online for under $100, and has already earned Gold Seal certification from the Water Quality Association.


Drug and alcohol addiction affects 23 million Americans each year, and 40-60% of those in recovery end up in relapse. Former journalist and TED talk speaker Johann Hari has developed a mobile app with wearable components called pala-linq that monitors mental health and physical activity levels to help users stay close to their recovery goals and support network. The company is currently in beta testing.


A University of Notre Dame research team has developed yet another solution for patients who are also seniors: an app called eSeniorCare that was created to help seniors keep track of their health and connect with others via social network. The app is currently being tested by residents of several South Bend retirement homes, and includes features that allow users to easily manage medication, track nutrition and sleep, rate their mood, and even compete with other users in brain games.


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