The Latest in Health Tech

ZendyHealth takes pride in using innovation to help make healthcare procedures more accessible and affordable. Here are just a few of the newest technological innovations that help build a more health-savvy world.

Thermal Blood Flow Sensor

A research team from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has developed a device that can measure one’s blood flow above the skin. The sensor, which resembles a Band-Aid, incorporates thin metallic wires oriented around a single sensor, and is surrounded by a flexible layer of silicone. The device can be connected to a computer via a small cable in order to keep track of the data it collects. Not only are these sensors lightweight and easy to manufacture, they measure blood flow more accurately than the bulkier devices which are currently being used.

Bluetooth Scale

The QardioBase is a smart scale that uses Bluetooth to send your weight measurements to a smart device or the Cloud. Not only does it measure weight, it also records your body fat percentage, muscle mass, and water and bone composition. The QardioBase automatically recognizes multiple users and even helps you set reminders and goals, and it’s compatible with Android and iOS systems.

Glasses that Treat Lazy Eye

Besides prescription eye drops and patches, there aren’t too many options out there that make life easier for the 3 percent of children who have amblyopia, or a lazy eye. Visualization solutions company XPAND recently released Amblyz, wearable glasses that use lenses with programmable LCDs. The lens over the child’s affected eye can be programmed to go dark during certain times during the day, instead of having to wear an eye patch for up to 2 hours at a time.

A New Hospital “Call” Button

The creators of Quietyme have released CareCube, a soft plastic cube with a different icon on each side, is designed to save nurses up to 6 hours a week by allowing patients to request assistance in a way that reduces uncertainty. These symbols indicate a need for food, water, temperature change, help using the restroom, and cleanup—and sends out a wireless signal with timestamps to alert hospital staff. The CareCube works with the Quietyme network, an ambient noise monitoring and reporting system that over 30 hospitals and academic medical centers have already installed.


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