Ultrasound Facelifts: Are They the Future or Just an Alternative to Surgery?

The ultrasound facelift has only been around for a couple of years, but it’s already been used by celebrities such as Courtney Cox (among others) with apparently good results. Otherwise known as Ultherapy, the procedure behind it is quite ingenious as an example of utilizing existing technology to do something else that’s even more positive. However, is it really becoming the new and safer method toward a facelift, or does surgery still need to be done in more extreme cases?

Ultrasound Waves Heat Deep Layers of the Skin

If you ever wondered how Ultherapy works, it uses standard ultrasound technology by releasing sound waves into the deepest layers of your skin. This heat manages to help promote the growth of new collagen that ultimately tightens your skin texture over time. The procedure doesn’t take all that long either when you consider that a normal ultrasound can be done in just 15 minutes. Ultherapy can be done in about an hour or 90 minutes.

The good news is that no scarring is present as you’d have with a normal surgical facelift. Results, though, seem to have mixed opinion from some surgeons on whether it’ll completely replace surgery.

Does Ultherapy Go Beyond Subtle Results?

For some people, just a subtle appearance of looking younger is enough. In others, there may be more of a push to look as young as possible, which would have to involve surgery. No matter how you look at it, plastic surgeons have an unsurprising mixed opinion about Ultherapy from extreme positivity to downright not recommending it. Those with opinions somewhere in the middle say that it at least provides some noticeable difference that surgery can further handle.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have real patients who’ve done the procedure saying that it worked wonders for them. A couple of years ago, these comments were posted on Dr. Oz’s webpage about Ultherapy.

Even the article on Dr. Oz’s site points out that it works best for subtly tightening skin under the eyes, jawline and neck area. Depending on how severe your wrinkles or sagging skin is, it may still require surgery if you want more dramatic results. The question is whether subtlety in plastic surgery is better so your de-aging can look more natural than perhaps leaving behind obvious surgery scars that are visible up close.

It’s worth your while to look into ultrasound facelifts when those who’ve had it done are the real final word. At ZendyHealth, we provide nonsurgical and minimally invasive plastic surgery procedures at discount prices to help you look younger. Contact us for a consultation to see if Ultherapy can give you the results that have made many middle-age people very happy.


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