Watch ZendyHealth Tonight on the KTLA 10 O’clock News!

KTLA ZendyHealth will be featured tonight on the KTLA 10 o’clock News as a part of their “Health Smart Series.” Viewers will gain insight on how ZendyHealth can save customers money on healthcare costs.


As you know, healthcare costs have been steadily digging into our wallets over the last few decades and in the last few years the pace has rapidly increased.  Most affordable insurance plans now have very high deductibles, thus making, you, the consumer pay thousands of dollars before the insurance companies start to cover anything.  Due to these high deductibles ($2000 and up) – many customers are now having to pay out of pocket for procedures that had traditionally been covered by insurance.  For those with high deductibles, it’s tough to pay out of pocket for services like CT or MRI scans which can run $1000 or more depending upon where you live and what exact scan you might need.   So what can you do if you find yourself in a situation with this huge gap between the cost of a procedure and your high-deductible?  Obviously, try to save as much money as possible since you are having to pay out of pocket!


ZendyHealth offers consumers a way to get more for their money and their deductible by allowing them to submit the price they are willing to pay for a medical, dental or cosmetic procedure.  The platform then finds a top provider who is willing to accept that price – many providers have excess capacity so it makes sense to accept less-than-retail prices. Typically, ZendyHealth customers can enjoy savings from 20% to 80% on cosmetic, dental and medical procedures without sacrificing top quality.  Customers can now access top medical care at a fraction of the price.

ZendyHealth Provides Discounts on Many Medical Services

ZendyHealth could help you save on:



•  MRI Scans
•  CT Scans
•  X-Rays
•  Ultrasound
•  Mammograms
•  DEXA Scans
•  Allergy Testing
•  Sleep Study



On top of medical procedures, ZendyHealth can save you on select dental procedures. You’ll be able to brighten that smile and get your teeth looking perfect, all at significantly less than retail value.

•  Invisalign
•  Tooth Extraction
•  Teeth Cleaning
•  Teeth Whitening
•  Dental Implants



Healthcare insurance providers generally never cover beauty services. That means any type of cosmetic procedure you desire will be out of pocket! ZendyHealth has a network of top-certified cosmetic treatment providers who are willing to provide their services at a discount to ZendyHealth customers.

•  Wrinkle Relaxers (Botox)
•  Non-Surgical Facelift
•  Laser Hair Removal
•  Fat Reduction
•  Dermal Fillers
•  Laser Tattoo Removal
•  Photofacial (IPL)
•  Cellulite Reduction
•  Skin Brightening


Be sure to catch ZendyHealth on the “Health Smart Series” tonight on the 10 O’clock News on KTLA. The segment will air a second time on Tuesday June 2nd on the 1 O’clock or 3 O’clock News. KTLA is channel 5 on most television providers.


  • MRI
    MRI Scan
    Diagnostic imaging available via Pick Your Price or Buy Now
  • Mammogram
    Screening and diagnostic imaging available at your own price
  • Lasik
    Pick Your Price on LASIK corrective surgery for Both Eyes