ZendyHealth Now Offers Birth Control Options – Free Delivery

Many women don’t have access to birth control pills and hence have to face many problems. Trips to the pharmacy every month can be a challenge, especially when you have to get the prescription filled. But who has the time to go to a doctor for a new prescription every other month? With so many rules and regulations, and the restraint of time, there are many women who have to face the challenges that can threaten their health.

If it’s difficult for you to take time out of your busy schedule and head over to the pharmacy, it doesn’t mean you can’t have those pills. Not with ZendyHealth on the watch!

We are proud to announce that through our partnerships, we have formulated a plan to help women get easy access to birth control pills and other options. With exclusive savings on birth control options and prescriptions, women can now skip those trips to the pharmacy or to the doctor. Instead of waiting in crowded waiting rooms just to get a prescription, you can now easily get in contact with a Board Certified doctor online and get your prescription.

Compatible with Insurance

The best thing about this program is that it’s compatible with most insurance plans that should cover the cost of the medications.

There goes your worry about handling the bills on your own. We know that birth control can be quite an expense on your monthly budget and that’s why with ZendyHealth’s service, you wouldn’t have to worry about it. Simply select your insurance company and let us handle the rest.

If you don’t want the pills to be charged on your insurance, you have the option to avail one of the cash programs available. You can choose whether to pay for the prescription from your insurance or out of your pocket.

Top Doctors

Getting a prescription at the last hour can be quite a hassle and that’s where ZendyHealth’s partner comes to the rescue. You can easily contact one of the top doctors and that too at a reasonable price. For just $39, you can consult an experienced practitioner.

After a short evaluation, the doctor will write out a 1-year prescription for birth control if you are an appropriate candidate. You can now skip trips to the pharmacy by getting free delivery on birth control pill, patch, or ring. You can choose to get a free delivery at home, or if convenient for you, have the prescription sent to your local pharmacy.  

Exclusive Savings

The best thing about this partnership is that ZendyHealth can get you additional savings! Get $5 off for exclusive savings found only on ZendyHealth. Proceed here and you can secure our Buy Now price of $34 today!

Things to Keep in Mind

The service is available in California only, and ZendyHealth neither endorses the use of birth control nor advises against it. We are neutral, and are offering the service because of customer demand and requests.

HSA / FSA Eligibility - This procedure is most likely an eligible procedure for your Health Savings Account (HSA) and for your FSA. Please check with your HSA administrator.

Birth Control Pills

Pills are some of the most effective ways of preventing unwanted pregnancies. It is an affordable and safe option, and besides preventing pregnancies, it has lots of other health benefits as well.

How does it Work?

Birth control pills stop the process of fertilization. The hormones contained in the pills stop ovulation and hence the chances of getting pregnant are eliminated.

Things to Remember

The pills work effectively as long as you remember to take them every day. Depending on the type of pills you have been prescribed, you’ll be required to take them for 21 days, 29 days and so on. Women on pills also get pregnant and the main reason behind this is that they forget to take their daily dose.

That’s why it’s recommended that you keep the pills in plain sight, near objects that you have to use every day, such as your charger or tooth brush. Most women use a reminder app or an alarm to help remember to take their pills.

There’s no need to take the pills at the same time everyday but doing so ensures that you remember to take it.

But there are other options available for birth control, including the ring and patch.


The birth control ring is a vaginal birth control. The small, flexible ring can easily be inserted in the vagina, which prevents pregnancy by releasing hormones. It is super easy to insert the ring. Wash your hands with soap and water. Squeeze the sides of the ring and gently push it into your vagina. Try walking around for a bit. If you can’t feel the ring inside you, it has been placed correctly.

Things to Remember

You can use the ring for a whole month before you need to change it. Once the ring is inside, you can remove it either after 3 weeks (if you want to get periods) or keep it in there for a whole month. This will stop your periods although for the first six months or so, you may have some bleeding or spotting.

Most women wonder if it’s okay to take out the ring during sex. Either way is fine but it’s recommended that you let the ring remain in place. If it is uncomfortable for either you or your partner, adjust the ring to sit well.

If you take out the ring during sex, rinse it with cold water before putting it back inside. Make sure you don’t forget to put it back. If it stays out for more than two days, you might risk getting pregnant.


Yet another effective and safe birth control option. The patch sticks to your skin and reduces hormones in your body. This prevents unwanted pregnancy with a less than 1 percent fail rate, according to publicly available data.

Things to Remember

A patch works effectively in preventing pregnancy and is quite easy to use too. Just clean an area of your skin, take out the patch from the foil and place it on the skin. Press the patch gently for 10 seconds so that it sticks well.

The patch needs to be changed every week. The patch takes a week to be fully effective so till then, use another form of birth control. The patch works best when applied on your stomach, upper arm, upper back, shoulder, or buttocks.

So, don’t let your busy schedule keep you from using birth control. Use ZendyHealth to get your pills, rings and patches delivered right to your doorstep – free delivery to your doorstep.


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