ZendyHealth on KTLA Health Smart: “Priceline™ of Plastic Surgery”

KTLA 5 News’ “Health Smart” recently featured ZendyHealth, dubbing us the “Priceline™ of Plastic Surgery.” Lu Parker reported on ZendyHealth on the 10 o’clock News, which discussed how ZendyHealth can save customers up to 90% on plastic surgery procedures as well as other medical and dental procedures.

Customers have hundreds of thousands of medical providers to choose from across America. Finding great and affordable healthcare can be a headache. As KTLA’s segment points out, ZendyHealth takes out the hassle in finding affordable medical care for patients. That’s because ZendyHealth’s platform acts just like the “Priceline™ of Plastic Surgery.”

We have a network of top medical and dental providers.  When you, the patient, submits an offer on a procedure like teeth whitening, lip filler, or MRI scan as well as others, these top providers are notified.

As Dr. Vish Banthia points out in the KTLA segment, ZendyHealth patients are seeing an average of 50% savings on the value of procedures. That said, as Dr. Banthia points out, the highest they have seen is 90% in savings, which is great for those who are uninsured. They are able to access prices on affordable health care that they would have otherwise been unable to access.

And as the KTLA segment also highlighted, a user isn’t skimping on quality of care. The medical professionals ZendyHealth has in the network are trained at some of the leading medical institutions like UCLA, Stanford, Harvard, as well as many more. As the segment highlights in one customer’s video testimonial: you get great results for an affordable price. To see the segment in its entirety, click the link below.







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