Zendyplace (now ZendyHealth) Appears On My Beauty Bunny, The Home of Ethical Beauty

ZendyHealth.com (formerly ZendyPlace) is proud of the service we offer and the work we do to make the world of non-surgical cosmetic procedures safer and cheaper for everyone. Since launch we’ve watched as more and more clinics across the country join in and pass our ZendyHealth testing process enabling us to give more and more peace of mind with their treatments to people in cities across the USA.  From laser hair removal through to non-surgical liposuction and face-lifts we’ve been going from strength to strength.

We are very happy to have recently been featured on My Beauty Bunny, who had this to say:

Ethical beauty treatment


“ZendyPlace is a fresh and innovative approach to purchasing aesthetic and cosmetic procedures. This new website gives access to the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures at a consumer-friendly price. Consumers will simply pick the procedure, location, time and cost and present this as an offer. ZendyPlace will present qualified Board Certified providers in that area and let consumers know when the offer is accepted. And the best part — consumers only pay the price they select.”



You can read the full article here: www.mybeautybunny.com/zendyplace/

My Beauty Bunny is one of the homes of ethical beauty treatments and we are happy to add our voice to their call for more attention to the standards and practices in this industry. This is why we work so hard to make sure that when you book through us you can rest assured of quality beauty treatments form qualified professionals. To see for yourself how it works click here and find out how we are helping people get safe effective treatment every day.


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