ZendyHealth News: Recent CoolSculpting Study Results Promising for Nonsurgical Fat Reduction

“FREEZE THE FAT™”– seen the billboards?  Have you been curious about cryolipolysis and its effectiveness? If so, you may be interested to learn about the results of a new study. The study, whose results were published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal earlier this month, focused on the noninvasive procedure extensively.

With that said, here’s a quick look at the results and how the treatment works:

The study, which was conducted in California by three healthcare practitioners, involved more than 500 patients. Each of those patients underwent CoolSculpting® treatments. The physicians monitored the patients in an attempt to determine the treatment’s effectiveness. Based on the results, the treatment appears to be not only effective but also safe. That’s obviously good news for those looking for a noninvasive way to rid their bodies of unnecessary fat.

For those who may not be completely familiar with the procedure, it involves the use of a special device. The device is designed to use cooling panels and vacuum pressure to target certain areas of a person’s body. Once targeted and stimulated, the fat cells located within those areas starts to naturally disappear. As a result, the person is able to easily tone up challenging areas of his or her body like the lower abdomen, thighs and back. We should also mention that in addition to being effective, safe and noninvasive, the treatment does not typically involve a downtime period. Thus, someone could feasibly get the treatment in the morning and resume their normal activities afterwards.

Those interested in learning more about CoolSculpting should make it a point to stop by the ZendyHealth website. We offer access to respectable Board Certified Providers that provide CoolSculpting treatments at affordable rates.


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